10th Year – 45

Part 3: Chapter 14 – Five Against One

“Well, there it is. Did you hear that, Rokuk?”

Rokuk’s right arm groaned, and it scattered rust-colored powder as he blocked Tor’s chakrams.
Rokuk’s face was contorted, as if his head was in pain. And then he opened his mouth.

“I heard it, vaguely. But I can not trust them.”
“Even if you don’t trust them, surely there is no need for us to kill each other now?”
“Aye, that may be, but…”

Rokuk suddenly closed his mouth, twisted his body, and then dodged the iron caltrops that shot up from under his feet.
At the same time, he thrashed his left arm to the side, spreading out a white mist while escaping Tor’s followup attack.

“This arm is going wild on its own. I cannot control it.”

Rokuk turned to look at the control facility that was behind him.
As he had magitec beast parts implanted into him, the over parts were receiving orders from the control facility and moving.
And the weaker the power of the magic stone, the stronger the signals from the control facility.

“Like an alien arm?”
“A what? Is that a sickness?”

While their conversation may have sounded casual, the battle was growing more vicious.
The rust-colored powder shot out, carving away the stone floor and turning it into sand.
Tor crushed the rock, kicked it into the air, and crashed it against the sand.

“That powder. Is it some kind of polishing agent?”
“…Aye. And it will easily make a hole in steel.”

Tor shrugged his shoulders and destroyed a random building wall with his chakrams. Then he slammed the caltraps in them and made them levitate with magnetic force.

“Hey, Rokuk. It seems like your head has been hurting for a while now. How much longer will your consciousness last?”
“I don’t know. If the battle drags on, then the magic stone will be emptied, and things will really get bad.”
“Will you die?”
“You really are a troublesome one.”

If this went on for too long, it would run out of magic energy, and he would die. And it would be the same if he cut off the arm.
Tor made the chakrams spin over his head as he scowled.

“Rokuk. How many Adventurers with over parts are participating in this expedition?”
“I don’t remember…the exact numbers. I think it was about five…including me.”

The pain in his head must have been getting words, as Rokuk had to pause while talking.
Tor clicked his tongue.

“So the numbers match.”
“…What…are you talking…about?”
“Everyone with over parts is heading in this direction.”
“…No, that…can’t be. I was able to last for five years. It’s too early…for the others to lose control…”

While Rokuk was denying it, the sounds of destruction were moving closer to them.
Tor then jumped away.
Immediately after, a man with a platinum greatsword came jumping over a building and landed in front of him.


The blade slammed into the ground and created a big hole. And then the man turned to Tor and glared.
Rokuk looked on in surprise.


But the man ignored him and continued to raise his sword in order to attack Tor.
Blue flames were emitting from his over parts, as well as his feet.
Tor’s chakrams flashed through the air, knocking Janz off of his feet.
Janz rolled on the ground and crashed into a building.

“…The others are coming!”

Someone came flying while spinning, and Tor only managed to dodge the iron bullet that they shot by a hair’s breadth. In the corner of his vision, he saw the woman who had fired at him.
She must have been unconscious as her head hung limply. She seemed to have normal legs, but her over parts arms were directed at Tor.

“…Hey, Rokuk. It seems like they can still control your body, even if you’re unconscious?”
“Then maybe…death will not be enough…”

Rokuk laughed. There was nothing to do but laugh at that point.
Tor looked away from the three over parts users, and turned his eyes to the sky.
There were two figures looking down on them. They were both targeting Tor with powerful bows.

“Disarming all five of them without killing them…in order to buy time. That’s a death sentence, isn’t it?”

Tor chuckled and let out a sigh.
His chakrams blocked an iron bullet that came flying, and then he kicked Janz, who had come charging towards him. And then he shot down the arrows with his caltrops, which he controlled with magnetic power.
Tor then brought back his chakrams and then turned to Rokuk.

“Sorry, but I’ll have to play rough now. Consider your bones broken.”

And in the next instant, Tor vanished.

Thunder roared, and a red flash ran through the air.
The two figures came falling from the sky, and then Janz was blown into the air.

Before the three could get up again, Tor rushed towards Rokuk.
Rokuk’s left arm spread out a white mist, blocking Tor’s vision. And then his right arm sprayed out the rust-colored powder.
However, Tor had moved around and kicked Rokuk in the back. And then he placed the chakrams under Rokuk’s feet.

Red lightning ran through the ground, launching Rokuk into the air.
As he shot up, defenseless, Tor unleashed a roundhouse kick into his back, and then he lashed at the control facility behind him with his chakrams as if wielding a whip.
Thunder roared with the attack that was faster than sound, and the antenna of the control facility was destroyed.

He then blocked an oncoming bullet with his chakrams, and then slammed them into the control facility as a followup attack.
As Rokuk raised his face, he saw the back of the woman who had been knocked off of her feet.
He instinctively ducked in order to dodge her, but in the next moment, the sounds of destruction and lightning echoed.

He used the repulsion of the magnetic force to accelerate quickly, shooting the chakrams into the wall and floor of the building, and then using it as a fulcrum to change direction as if drawing a circle. As Janz rose, he kicked him behind the knees, causing him to fall. And then he grabbed him by the collar and threw him towards Rokuk.

As Tor called the chakrams back, he dug the tip of his feet into the ground, and used the repulsion of the magnets to launch himself up into the air.
Tor then rained down red thunder on the two Adventurers who started to get back to their feet. Once they were paralyzed, he pulled the chakrams as hard as he could.
This caused him to fall to the ground at a great speed, landing on their backs. He then kicked off of them and ran towards Rokuk.

A great cloud of white mist came out of Rokuk’s left arm. It was supposed to hide him. But Tor’s red thunder shot right through it, and then his chakrams followed in a straight line. And like that, they extended and wrapped around Rokuk’s right arm.
He then pulled them back, causing Rokuk to topple to the ground in shock.

Fighting against the overparts on equal footing was one thing, but winning so easily should have been impossible, no matter how strong you were.
As Rokuk’s hands touched the ground, he realized that the movement of the over parts was worsening.

“Are the gears affected by the magnetic power…?”

It wasn’t that they had stopped working entirely, but they were definitely slower.
And when he looked, Tor saw that the same was happening with the others as well.
After seeing Red Thunder in action on the battlefield, Rokuk smiled.
Tor meant to disarm everyone here. Without killing them.

“These hierarchy people really are something.”

After becoming a B-Ranker and getting the over parts, he had thought that they were at the same level.
But his rival had gone much farther than that, apparently.
While he didn’t feel frantic, the sight of him was almost blinding.

“We’ll just say that it’s because of the brightness of the thunder…”

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