My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 363

I Checked The Employer List

“Mr. Takumi. I would like some of those herbs today as well…”

Said Mr. Ekenhart, after I had caught my breath.
Did he mean the herbs that help you sleep?
Otherwise, it would have seemed like a dangerous request. And so I chuckled and started to take them out of my bag.

“Still, you shouldn’t rely on them too much.”
“I understand that… But I just have trouble getting up in the morning. And this way, Claire will stop complaining about it.”
“Well, it’s true that she will probably prefer it if you came down for breakfast in the morning…”

I warned Mr. Ekenhart a little as I gave him the sleeping herbs.
Apparently, one of his reasons for wanting them was so that he could wake up for breakfast and avoid Ms. Claire being cross with him.
He was weak when it came to his daughter, so I was sympathetic.

“Once I get the feel for waking up early, I will try to do it without relying on the herbs.”
“…I’m not sure it’s a matter of getting a feel…”

It was true that it would take some effort, but he was making it sound like it was part of his sword training.
Of course, there had been many times when I was so tired and found it hard to get up, so I understood him.
In any case, I hoped that things would work out for him, and we separated

“I’ll leave her to you then, Ms. Lyra and Ms. Gelda.”
“Yes, Mr. Takumi.”
“Go on Liza. It’s for your bath.”
“…Oh, okay.”

We returned to our room, and then I told Liza to go with Ms. Lyra and Ms. Gelda, who had been waiting by the door.
While Liza hesitated for a moment, it was not as if she disliked the two maids or taking a bath. And so she went off with them willingly.
She just still felt a little anxious about leaving me and Leo. But I was sure that she would be perfectly fine soon enough.

“In the meantime…”
“I’m talking about the documents that Sebastian left with me. I need to look through that list.”

And so I sat down at my desk in order to read through the list.
Leo had looked at me questioningly, and so I explained it to her as I picked up the pile of papers.
For some reason, she barked enthusiastically and began to look over my shoulder as if it was her job as well.
…Uh, Leo? Can you even understand this? Also, this is kind of uncomfortable.

“Leo, wait a second. …All right. That’s better.”

As I was hunched over while Leo looked over my shoulder, I straightened my back first and then moved the chair so it was in front of Leo.

“Hmm… Most of them are people who work here. …Obviously, I can’t hire all of them, but I would like some of them…”

If they worked in this house, then they would be used to me and Leo.
I wouldn’t have to explain anything about Weed Cultivation, which would make things easier.
Even Leo was barking in agreement.

“And over here, we have people who live in Ractos…I see. …Now that I think about it, how are we supposed to handle the Weed Cultivation matter?”

I was now looking at the section with names that I did not recognize.
These were people who lived in Ractos or surrounding villages, and their ages and experience varied.
There were men and women. Some were currently working other jobs and some were quite elderly.

And as I looked through them, I wondered how much I was expected to explain.
Leo seemed to be wondering about this as well.
While I’m sure they had been carefully selected, so there wouldn’t be anyone suspicious. I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to tell them everything…

It seemed like it would be best if word about me coming from another world did not spread. Of course, most people probably wouldn’t even believe it.
Though, being associated with the duke would probably make it more credible.
In any case, I had already been told to not talk about my Gift too much. So I was not sure if I should tell them.
Though, since we would be making fields of herbs, they might have to know part of it…

“I’ll have to talk about it with Sebastian tomorrow. Sorry, Leo. …Uh…”

After that, I took out a blank sheet in order to make some notes.
I also wrote down whatever questions that I would want to ask about the information provided.
After all, there were so many people, so I had to write it all down or I would forget.
…At my old job, I had been rebuked by my superiors so many times… Because they would not take notes and then they would blame it all on their subordinates when they forgot something.

“I don’t want to be like them… There. Now, let’s continue, Leo.”

After finishing writing everything down, we continued to look at the list.
I was starting to feel nervous again about hiring multiple people, but Leo’s presence helped me calm down a little.
Perhaps that was why she was looking at the list with me? Well, it was probably just her curiosity.
In any case, thanks, Leo…

“Hmm… Uh, this… Could it be?”

I discovered it just as I started to read the final page.
Each page had about three people on it, and contained various information on them, just like a resume.
And on the bottom of the last page, I saw a name that was quite familiar to me.
I thought it was a mistake at first, and so I rubbed my eyes. Even Leo tilted her head as if puzzled.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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