Royal Magician – 146

Chapter 146 – Prophecy

The enjoyable times passed in the blink of an eye.

As Cronos Casablancas, the most powerful time magician in the kingdom, wrote in the beginning of ‘The Relativity of Time,’ we each live within our own separate time.

“Thank you for taking me out. It was terribly fun. So that is what it’s like to live as a normal girl.”

Said Ms. Evangeline with a satisfied expression.

“From my point of view, the daily life of a queen seems much more wonderful.”
“It may seem like that from the outside. But it is quite different. The responsibility is heavy, and my every action is strictly monitored.”

Ms. Evangeline said with a chuckle.

“That being said, I am quite sure that if I were born as a normal girl, I would be complaining about my situation too. One always wants what they do not have.”
“Ah, that is true.”

The grass was always greener on the other side.
If you could only see the good, then you tended to idealize things.

(While I wish I was taller and with a better figure, such people likely have their own set of problems.)

Like not being able to wear heals, and hitting your head against door frames.

(Well, that’s not very bad. I still wish I were taller…!)

Having arrived at this rather shallow conclusion, I probably had a strange expression on my face, as Ms. Evangeline laughed.

“There is one last valuable piece of information I will give you.”
“Valuable information?”
“Come closer.”

She brought her mouth close to my ear and continued.

“I think that the royal family will face quite a problem in the not so distant future.”
“A problem?”
“I can sense something ominous in the air. But the person who solves the problem will surely be rewarded on a scale that has never been seen before.”
“Never been seen before…”

My eyes widened.

“Like being able to eat as much as you want at the dining hall for ten years?”
“I think it will be a little better than that.”
“Even more food then. I must acquire it then…!”

I burned with a fighting spirit.
At the same time, my mind went to my friend, who was currently hospitalized.

He was striving to become the greatest magician in the country, in hopes of acquiring the thing that was the most important to him.
Depending on the results here, I might even be able to reach the coveted position of a Magus-Rank magician.

(As his buddy, if I do well, then his reputation will also improve…)

I have still not been able to repay him at all for helping me.
And so I will also raise his stock so much that he’ll be shocked when he returns.

(Hehe. Be thankful that you have such a kind-hearted friend as me.)

I smiled at the thought of his surprised face.

“Still, what kind of problem are we talking about?”
“I do not know that. Just that the royal family will be exposed to a great threat.”
“A great threat…”

As I thought about it, Ms. Evangeline smiled.

“Well, you will be able to show your skills, Noelle.”

The following day, all of the newspapers in the kingdom were widely covering one topic.

‘Queen Evangeline Runforest is Alive’
‘Saved by the Crown Prince’
‘For the first time in history, Elf Royalty Visits Ardenfeld.’

As Ms. Evangeline answered the questions of the reporters that surrounded her, she really did seem like someone who was far away.

Well, she was, in fact, a queen from a different world as me.

It was quite strange that she stayed at my house as a friend, and that we walked through the city streets together.

And while I felt a little sad, as I was on security duty, I noticed that Ms. Evangeline was searching for someone.

Who was she searching for?

That was when her green eyes stopped as they fixed on me.
And then she winked mischievously.

I felt a little proud as I winked back.

Once Ms. Evangeline was finished with her duties as queen, she returned to the great forest, and my days became quiet and peaceful again.

It seemed like things would continue like this.

However, I was aware that something big was moving behind the scenes.

And so while continuing my daily work at the palace, I observed the movement of the Kingsguard, and noticed a small change.

(They are hiding something.)

It must have to do with what Ms. Evangeline was talking about.

But what could it be?

I did not know.
How serious things had become.

“Ms. Noelle! It’s terrible!”

That morning. When I arrived at work, Misha was frantic as she rushed towards me.

“Ah, Ms. Misha. How did your date go?”
“He tried to force me to buy a suspicious looking vase, so I punched him.”
“Wonderful. I knew you would.”
“It really is better to just stick with cats. But nevermind that! It really is terrible!”
“What happened?”

Misha bit her lip and then said,

“It’s the third prince. He’s in a dangerous state after being poisoned.”

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