Strange Dragon – 80

Chapter 80 – Let’s eat mushrooms

Fio looked happy as I patted her on the head.

“Yes, it becomes a lot better when you sprinkle some salt on top of it.”
“Do you want some salt on yours too, Hippolius?”

I put some salt on, and Hippolius ate it hungrily.

“I’m glad to hear it. What about you, Shiro?”
“I see. Then I will put a little on.”

Wild wolves were carnivores. And they did not drain the blood from the meat.
And so the raw meat contained a lot of blood. And blood had a lot of salt in it. And so it would not be good to take too much, but even wolves needed some salt.


Shiro seemed to enjoy it.

“Shiro, which tastes better. Before or after?”

Apparently, Shiro enjoyed them both ways.

I tried eating the mushrooms as well. First, I tried it without any salt.

“It’s surprisingly good.”

Kuro and the others wanted some too.
And so I tore off small pieces and put it into their mouths.

“Wumm, wumm, wumm.”

They wagged their tails happily. I suppose it suited their tastes as well.
And then I sprinkled some salt on the mushrooms.

“Hmm. It tastes even better with some salt.”
‘Ruru too’

The cubs wanted to eat the salted mushrooms as well.

“Kuro, Ruru, Roro. You’re still small, so only a little bit.”
“Wumm, wumm!”

As I fed then, Ije, who had finished, spoke hesitantly.

“What is it? Ije. Do you want more?”

Ije had just escaped from the false demon bear’s nest after breaking the chains.
And so Ije would not have had much food, and must be hungry.

“I can eat more?”
“Of course.”

I said, and put another mushroom on Ije’s plate.
Ije began to eat it hungrily without any salt.
That showed how hungry Ije was.

“I can cook more if you want.”

I said, thinking that Ije would still be hungry.
“You’re going to cook the next ones as well?”
Ije said with a tilted head.

“Yes. With salt too, if you like.”
“Salt too, but… Mushrooms, Ije can make them even better.”

Ije said confidently.
Upon hearing this, Fio turned to Ije with a serious expression while eating the mushrooms.
Hippolius also seemed very interested.

“Ije. What do you mean?”
“Cooking. Make them better.”
“Oh. So you know how to cook them so they’ll be delicious?”
“I know.”
“In that case, will you demonstrate for us?”
“Okay. But, I don’t have tools.”
“Cooking tools, eh? What do you need?”

And so Ije told me about the required tools. All of them were simple.
And I had most in my magic bag.
Even ones that I didn’t have on me, we had back at the base.

“Also…need condiments.”
“Aside from salt?”

Indeed, if we had condiments, the taste would get even better.

“We have different ones back at the base. But right, now, I only have salt and pepper.”
“Hmm. We can go to Ije’s village.”
“Your village? Should we go now?”

After hesitating for a moment, Ije nodded.
Ije’s village had been destroyed by the demon bear. And so Ije might be scared to return.

“In that case, if you just told me where it is, I could go alone…”
“…It’s fine.”
“If you don’t want to…”
“Thank you. Ije is really fine.”
“But just let me know if you change your mind.”

And so we decided to head towards Ije’s village after we finished eating the roasted mushrooms.

“Ije. We also have some meat. Do you want to eat some?”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course.”
“Thank you.”

As Ije should be hungry, I took some meat out of my bag and put it on the plate.
It was a good thing I had some freshly cooked meat in there.
The magic bag kept things in their current state, so it was still hot.

“You can eat as much as you want.”
“…Thank you, thank you.”

So saying, Ije ate the meat quickly.
At the same time, I cut some of the meat into small pieces in order to give it to the wolf cubs.
As they were still small, it was best to feed them little by little and often.

In the meantime, I finished gathering the mushrooms.
Not only were they not poisonous, but they were also delicious. And so I wanted to pick a lot of them.
Fio also helped, and we were able to gather a decent amount.

Once that was finished, Ije and the wolf cubs were also finished eating.
And so we started on our way to Ije’s village.
Hippolius became large again and followed after us.

“Is your village far, Ije?”
“Not far.”

Indeed, after walking for about ten minutes, the village came into view.

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