Strange Dragon – 88

Where Ije Would Live

Ije did not seem bothered by the attention.

“Ije. Girl.”
“I see, I see. I thought so, since you are so cute.”

Kelly said as she patted Ije on the head.

“Kelly. Don’t pat her so much without permission.”
“Ah, sorry.”
“It is fine. Ije doesn’t mind.”
“I see, I see. You are cute, Ije!”

Kelly seemed to be overjoyed.
I suppose it was easier for her to be affectionate now.

“By the way, Ije. Can I ask you something?”
“What? Ask anything, Kelly.”
“How old are you? Well, tell me your age, and at what age you are considered an adult.”
“Uhhh. Ije is ten. You are an adult…fifteen.”
“I see. And at what age do you stop growing in size?”
“Depends. Eighteen or…twenty…”
“Hmm. Hmmm. Indeed, indeed….”

So in other words, they were similar to humans on the old continent.
So Ije was just a child.
Which meant that she shouldn’t have to work like the others.

Leaving that aside, we had to figure out where she should live.

“Victor. We want to show Ije around before deciding. Is that alright?”
“Of course. I’ll leave it to you.”

Victor gave his permission.
And so we would go and look at the rooms.

“Now, Ije, let’s go and see the spare rooms.”
“I think I shall go too.”

Apparently, Kelly was coming as well. She really wanted Ije to live with her.
Regardless, we then made our way to the house with the spare room.

After greeting the other three residents, we looked inside the room, which was currently being used for storage.

“Don’t worry, we will clean it up if you use it.”

I also showed her how to use the sink and bathroom.

“Next, come and see my room!”

Kelly declared. And so we headed to Kelly’s room.
Kelly lived in the same house as Victor and the other scholars.
Her room was filled with all kinds of unusual things.

“Wow. Amazing.”

Ije and Hippolius were curious about the things in the room.

“By the way, Mr. Theo.”
“There are some tools we need for the investigation research. Could you make them?”
“Very well. Just tell me what you need.”
“Thank you.”

We talked about such things while inspecting the room.

“Well, I think there are too many things within a small place for two people to be comfortable.”
“Do you think so?”
“I do. I’m sure Ije would prefer a larger space?”
“Ije is fine.”

It sounded more like she was saying that she could bear to live here.
But I did not want her to do that.

“Well, you can decide after seeing Hippolius’s house.”

While Ije had seen the entrance to Hippolius’s house, she had not gone inside yet.
So as we walked towards it, I said,

“Ije. You don’t have to be modest.”
“Ije is not.”
“If you want, I can make a new house. Besides, we’ll have to construct some new buildings eventually.”
“Aye. I want to have various other facilities in preparation for winter.”

Currently, the wood materials were left outside, but I wanted a proper storage house.
Also, I wanted to connect the houses, bath house, and dining hall, so that they would be under a single roof.
I explained such things to Kelly and Ije.

And then Kelly said,

“That sounds like a lot of work. Is it really necessary to do that much?”
“According to the climatologist, the winters in this area will likely be very harsh.”
“Yes, I heard that as well.”
“If the winters are harsh, then it will be terrible to have to go out into a blizzard right after taking a bath, right?”

You could cool off and catch a cold.
Besides, it would also be mentally draining just leaving the house during the winter.

“…Indeed. And we will also have to shovel snow in the morning, just to reach the dining hall.”
“Aye. That will be hard.”

Hippolius agreed with us.
And so I asked Ije,

“But really, how are the winters here?”
“Very cold.”
“How much snow will fall? Does the water freeze?”
“Lot of snow falls. When water freezes? There are no days when it is not frozen.”
“…I see.”

So, we should expect the temperature during winter to be below zero the entire time.

“…We will have to be well prepared then.”

Kelly muttered with a serious expression.
As we spoke of such things, we arrived in front of Hippolius’s house.
When we walked in, the wolf cubs barked and ran towards us.
And so I put Hippolius on the ground and petted them.

“There, there.”

Hippolius wanted to be petted as well, and so Ije and I petted all of them.

“So this is Hippolius’s house. As Hippolius is usually big, the house was made big.”
“It’s huge!”
“Hippolius, Fio, Pii, Shiro, Kuro, Roro, Ruru, and I are living here.”

As I explained, the wolf cubs continued to be petted by Ide.

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