Strange Dragon – 89

Chapter 89 – Condiments

Ije also looked happy as she petted Kuro and the others.
And so I made a suggestion.

“Ije. What will you do? Will live here?”

Ije was still young, and might be lonely if she lived by herself.
And so I thought it would be better to live with the wolf cubs.

“Ije, live here.”

Fio, Shiro and Hippolius agreed as well.
Upon hearing them, Ije made up her mind.

“…Will do that. Alright?”
“Of course.”

Fio and the others were happy as well.
However, Kelly alone was in a terrible shock.

“What!? Surely my room would have been the better option?”
“Kelly room no good.”
“…I see. Well, I suppose that I will just have to live here as well.”
“No, that won’t do.”

Kelly was an adult woman, after all.

“I see. Oh, well.”

Kelly gave up quite easily.
While we had now decided on a place for Ije to live, there were still things that we needed to do.

“Ije. While you must be tired, we should introduce you to the others.”

And so I picked up Hippolius and we went outside.
For some reason, Kelly followed us. It seemed that she really had taken a liking to Ije.

I petted the spoiled Hippolius as we made our way towards the center of the base.

“Hey, everyone! Please listen to me!”

I called out, and the Adventurers who were outside all stopped their work and gathered around.

“What is it?”
“Oh? Who is that?”
“This is Ije. While she may look a little strange, she is a human.”
“Is that right?”
“I suppose humans on the new continent look different compared to us.”

Ije looked like a dog that walked on two feet. However, the Adventurers accepted her easily.
Perhaps it was because they were already used to Fio, who had a tail and beast ears.

“Ije’s tribe was also killed by the false demon bear…”

I explained Ije’s situation, and how I wanted her to join us.

“I see. Her whole tribe.”
“How sad.”
“So she was captured… And went through so much at such a young age…”
“The false demon bear’s friends, huh? How frightening.”
“So you took care of the wolf cubs. That was very good of you.”

All of them welcomed Ije into the group.
I was not worried about it, but it was still a relief.

“Called Ije. Nice to meet you.”
“Aye, nice to meet you! I’m…”

And then Adventurers all introduced themselves.
Once that was finished, I made my report to them.

“Ije has given us farming tools and condiments. I’ll have to make a shed to put the tools in later, but…”
“Condiments? That is wonderful!”
“Aye, we have limited amounts of salt and pepper!”

The Adventurers were much more interested in the condiments than the farming tools.

“I’ll take them to the dining hall then. And they can be used for cooking later.”
“Thank you, Mr. Theo!”

I went to the dining hall in order to drop off the barrel of condiments.
I also lined up the pots and other cooking tools in the kitchen.

“Woah, this is a very well-made pot. Splendid!”

The Adventurers were impressed as they inspected the pots and pans.

“Ije. How should these condiments be stored?”

These had been left in the abandoned houses.
So they probably didn’t have to be treated too delicately. However, I decided to ask, just in case.

“Keep out of sunlight is good.”
“I see. So we should avoid direct sunlight.”
“Yes. Also, not hot places.”
“Hmmm. A cool and dry place then. It should be fine.”

I would like to create a cold and dark storage area and a storage shed for the farming tools later.
I also wanted to build a warehouse to store materials like wood and stone.

As I was thinking about such things, the Adventurer who followed me said,

“By the way, what kind of condiments are there?”
“Yes, I would like to taste some.”
“Okay. Just wait.”

Ije opened the barrel. That alone caused a strange smell to fill up the room.

“Hmm. I have never smelled anything like that before.”

I said, and the Adventurers nodded.

“I like it.”
“I don’t hate it either.”

The Adventurers said.

It was a black liquid.
Ija took a tablespoon of it and placed it on a small plate.

“Salty. Do not drink. Just lick.”

So saying, she offered us the plate.
And so took turns licking a little bit of it off of the spoon.

“What a strange taste. No, it is good, though.”
“Aye. Not bad at all.”

For the most part, they seemed to like it.

“But how was it made?”

Ije then did her best to explain.
It seems that it was made by mixing soybeans and wheat, fermenting them, and then squeezing the mixture.

“That sounds rather complicated.”
“And what is this called?”
“That’s an odd name.”
“Yes. There is more.”

So saying, Ije opened a different barrel.
And then, a very different smell wafted out this time.

“This one is also strange.”

But it was solid this time. And it was brown.
Ije scooped some out and put it on a plate.

“This is also salty.”

She said as she made us taste it.

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