My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 467

Liza decided what she would do

“Well, orcs are like this…”
“Oh. I see.”

I told Liza about the orcs and that they were dangerous monsters that attacked humans.
While Sebastian looked like he wanted to explain it, I’m sure he would have plenty of other opportunities later.
Liza nodded understandingly, and then Leo barked and told her that orcs were just food.
Leo…only you thought like that, because you are so strong.

I had fought them myself, and felt that they were dangerous. And so I definitely did not see them as food from the beginning.
They were not livestock, and should not be underestimated.

“Could it be that…”
“Liza. Have you eaten orc meat before?”
“Yes, maybe… Sometimes my grandfather would bring back some special meat. It might be the same meat, if mama says they are food.”
“…While orcs do not live near the town, they might stray close to it sometimes. And they are common enough in the forest. So perhaps there are people who actively hunt them.”

Her grandfather was Mr. Reyndorf.
I didn’t know if he was doing it to sell, but apparently, he sometimes hunted orcs and brought back meat.
But since it was already cut up, she didn’t know for sure that it was orc meat.
According to Ms. Isabelle, Mr. Reyndorf was a wanderer, and so it would be no surprise if he encountered orcs on his travels.

“I only ever saw him bring the meat back, so I want to see where it came from! I’ll go to the forest as well!”

Liza was curious to know where the meat had come from.
And that feeling was stronger than any fear. Well, as long as we were careful, she should not be in any danger.

“I see… Very well. Mr. Ekenhart, is that alright?”
“Mm. With Claire and now Anneliese accompanying us, that is a lot more people than I expected… But it is fine. We do not mean to go deep into the forest anyway.”
“…Should we bring more servants as well?”
“Indeed… We will need that much more help. Sebastian, you select a few who can afford to go with us.”
“…Will we also need more Loe?”

I wondered, now that there were more people going.
And that meant we might need more Loe as well.

It wasn’t just monsters. In the forest, there was the possibility of getting injured in other ways as well.
That’s what I thought, and so I asked Mr. Ekenhart about it.

“No, Mr. Takumi. We already have more than enough of it. So you do not have to make any more, understand?”
“I see… Yes, I understand.”

Apparently, he thought that we had enough.
…Perhaps I was being too paranoid about injuries?
Well, I could always grow some while I am there.

“Father, what are your plans once we are in the forest?”
“Ah, that’s right. I talked about it with Mr. Takumi, but I suppose I have to tell the rest of you now, since you are also going.”

It had been discussed only between Mr. Ekenhart, Sebastian and me.
But now that Ms. Claire and Ms. Anne was coming, we had to talk to them about it as well.
Some time had passed though, and dinner was ready, so we would talk about it while we ate.
Ms. Claire listened to us seriously, but Ms. Anne looked quite depressed, and not even Ms. Helena’s cooking was able to cure her.
…She should listen though, for her own good… Well, maybe she was listening, regardless of how she looked.

But Sebastian took no notice of her and explained our plans most cheerfully.
It more than made up for not being able to tell Liza about the orcs.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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