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The anticipation made it difficult to sleep

After discussions around dinner ended, and we had our tea, I went out to the garden in order to train lightly with Tilura and Mr. Ekenhart.
It was just a little swing practice, so that we wouldn’t get too tired, since we had a long trip tomorrow.
Ms. Claire, Liza, and Ms. Anne returned to their rooms in order to prepare.
I had asked Ms. Lyra to take care of Liza and Leo, and so she would make sure that they had packed.

“Ah, papa. You’re back!”
“Yes. Are you prepared for tomorrow then?”
“Yes, Ms. Lyra helped me! She moves so quickly!”

I took a bath and then returned to my room. And I saw that Liza was playing with Leo by lifting her large paws into the air.
When I entered the room, she greeted me cheerfully.
It sure was nice to have people who were happy to see you…
I then saw that her bag was in the corner, and so I asked if she was ready. Ms. Lyra had seen to it after all.

Well, it wasn’t like she had much to pack anyway. So it wouldn’t have taken long.
And Sebastian and the others would prepare most of the other things that we needed.
I listened to Liza talk happily about Ms. Lyra as I sat next to her on the bed. And then I noticed something.
There was something familiar on top of Liza’s bag.

“Liza. That knife… Are you going to take it with you?”
“Yes! It’s important because you bought it for me. Besides, it’s dangerous in the forest, isn’t it? And so I have to bring it!”
“I see…”

It was the knife that I had bought for Liza when we went shopping in Ractos.
Not only was it bigger than a fruit knife, it was bigger than a survival knife. And while it was in a sheath, it looked like it was waiting to be used as it sat there.
Hmm… Well, I suppose it was more practical than a short sword, which she was not used to handling.
However, it was hard to imagine a child so young wielding it as well.

“While it is dangerous, you cannot use that knife unless it is necessary, alright?”
“Yes, I know!”

I wasn’t sure if she really did know. But she smiled and nodded.
Would it be alright?
I just hoped she didn’t accidentally hurt herself with it.

“Leo. I’ll be counting on you. Keep an eye on her.”
“Liza. While you may keep the knife, you must also never leave Leo’s side.”
“Yes! I’ll stick with mama!”

As long as they were together, she should be fine for the most part.
Of course, I would also keep an eye on her when I could.

“Hey, hey. Papa. Could you tell me more about the forest? You’ve been there before, right?”
“Hmm? Well, I suppose you should know more then. Though, I can only tell you what I know.”
“Wuff. Wuff.”

And so I decided to tell her about my prior experiences.
She listened happily and would occasionally ask questions that I would answer.
Leo watched us and wagged her tail gently. Clearly, she was in a good mood.

And whenever I said something that was wrong, she would bark at me, to let me know.
…If you are going to be so strict about it, you should have told her yourself, Leo…

“Hmm, Liza. It’s quite late now. You should go to sleep, or you will be tired tomorrow.”
“But I want to talk a little more!”

I had suddenly glanced at my watch, and saw that she would usually be asleep at this hour.
After all, it was already midnight.
We had talked for quite a long time… And so I showed her my watch and told her to go to sleep.
But Liza wanted to talk some more.

Perhaps the anticipation for tomorrow made it difficult to sleep.
It reminded me of school field trips, where I would be so excited that I couldn’t fall asleep…
But in the end, I would end up sleeping in and nearly be late. And then I would be tired for the whole day.

“No. You might not be able to get up on time if you don’t sleep now. And if you’re late, it will inconvenience the others.”
“Oh. Okay…”
“Ah, good night. Leo.”
“…Good night, mama.”

While Liza looked disappointed, I made her lie down in the bed.
Leo then curled up next to her and barked quietly.
And I put the blanket over her and lay down as well.
Unlike her, it would not be a fun excursion. As I was going there to fight monsters.

While she would ride on Leo as we traveled, I didn’t want others to worry about her, if she was tired.
So it was important for her to sleep while she could.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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