My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 469

We were woken up early in the morning


While Liza had closed her eyes, she was still excited, and would not fall asleep immediately.
However, after muttering for a bit, she finally became quiet.
And then I could tell by her breathing that she was asleep.
Before closing my own eyes, I glanced at the clock on the desk.

Nearly an hour had passed. In spite of everything I said, I was also in danger of being tired tomorrow. And so I better hurry up and sleep as well.

“Papa! Wake up!”

I felt my body being shaken and heard Liza’s voice.
Was it morning already?

“Hah… Morning, Liza.”
“Good morning, papa!”

When I sat up, I saw that Liza was next to me, and Leo was looking at me beside the bed.
They looked rather pleased as I greeted them. And then I turned to the window.

“…It seems a bit early?”
“But it’s already bright, so it’s morning!”
“I guess that’s true, but…”

While light was coming in through the windows, the sun was still pretty low in the sky.
It wasn’t even seven o’clock yet… So there was still some time before breakfast.

“Besides, we’re going to the forest today! And so I thought we would be able to go earlier if I got up quickly…”
“Hmm… While it’s good to get up early…it won’t change our schedule.”
“It won’t?”
“Aye. Everyone has to prepare, after all.”
“I see…”

Liza was really looking forward to going to the forest.
While there were monsters, and it was dangerous…I suppose it was still like playing for her.

Regardless, there were now over ten people going, and they all had to get ready.
Liza looked quite disappointed that all of her efforts had been for nothing.
Leo brushed her nose against her and barked consolingly.
Hmm… Not only did she have trouble sleeping, but she got up early… I had done that before, so I understood how she felt.

“Well, it cannot be helped. For now, you should just wash up and get ready. Can you do that?”
“Yes. Tilura usually helps me, but I know the way now.”
“Alright, go and wash your face then. I’m sure you’ll see a servant on the way who can help you.”
“Okay! Mama, let’s go.”

Liza was full of energy in spite of not sleeping much. And she nodded obediently and went with Leo to wash up.
I then stifled a yawn and stretched before moving to the mirror. That was when I noticed something.

“So that’s what I look like when I laugh…”

My reflection looked sleepy, but the corners of my mouth were raised in a smile.
I was just happy to see that Liza was so excited.
But it was weird to laugh while alone in a room… And so I quickly prepared for the day.

“Papa, what are you going to do?”

After Liza and Leo returned, we went out into the garden as we waited for breakfast time.
Liza and Leo looked a little puzzled as they followed me. And so I answered with a smile.

“I just thought it would be nice to get some sun. And you like the fresh air, don’t you?”
“Yes, I do!”

They had been sunbathing yesterday, and Liza always looked happier when they were outside.
While we had to be careful not to get tired, there should be no problem with getting a little sun.
I greeted the butlers who were tending to the herb field, and then we looked for a good place to rest.
As the sun was still low, the coolness of the morning remained. And it was the time when the sun was just starting to warm up the air.

I rarely went out at this time, so it was quite refreshing.
I suppose I would leave for work quite early back in Japan. But there were many trees around the mansion, and so the air was especially pleasant.

“Breathing the air here will help you to relax, and you will feel more energetic.”
“My grandfather used to do that! I’ll do it too then! Haaa…”

I started to take in deep breaths once I found a good spot, and then Leo and Liza looked at me strangely.
She then said that she was reminded of her grandfather. Was I acting like an old man then? Well, I would try not to think about it.

And then Liza started to copy me and take in deep breaths as well.
For some reason, Leo was doing it as well… Maybe Silver Fenrirs also felt better when doing it?

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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