My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 470

Tilura woke up late

“While it’s nice during the day and night, the morning air is pleasant as well, isn’t it?”
“Yes. …Now that I think about it, grandfather used to say…”
“That you need the morning light to live. And so he always got up early and slept early in the night! He said that he would take in a lot of light and gain the strength to face the day!”
“I see. So that’s what Mr. Reyndorf said.”

Liza always looked very happy when she talked about Mr. Reyndorf.
And the fur of her brown tail and ears seemed to shine golden in the sunlight.

“Alright, today… We are going to the forest. And I’ll do my best there!”
“Me too!”

We shouted as the sun slowly rose into the sky.
It felt nice to raise your voice like this in the morning.
Liza and Leo copied me, and then we all laughed.
Like this, we spent the time relaxing until breakfast.

While I had only come out on a whim, so that Liza would have something to do after getting up early…she seemed to end up enjoying it a lot.
Even the butlers and maids had smiled as they watched her laughing.

We had even exercised a little, but not to a degree that would make us tired.
It was mostly like the morning exercises I used to hear on the radio.
Leo couldn’t copy it, so she had to just watch, but Liza seemed to enjoy moving around.
She really was energetic… I suppose it was because she was a beastkin.

“By the way, Mr. Takumi. I heard Liza’s voice outside earlier. Was she doing something?”
“Indeed. I heard Mr. Takumi and Leo outside as well. And that woke me right up…”
“Uh… Yes. I’m sorry about that…”

After spending time with Leo and Liza in the garden, I went to the dining room, when Ms. Claire and Mr. Ekenhart looked rather puzzled.
Ms. Anne was glaring at me, as if to say that I had disturbed her sleep.
I suppose shouting out loud had been a bad idea… Even though the sun was up, it was not good to disturb others while they were in bed.
I would have to be more careful..

“Sorry to keep you waiting!”
“You’re late, Tilura. Are you sure you won’t eat breakfast?”
“I’m not hungry, so I’ll be fine!”

After we finished breakfast, we enjoyed some tea and rested. And then we finished our preparations and gathered in the entrance hall.
It was then that Tilura finally appeared.
Apparently, Tilura had been so nervous about going to the forest that she could not sleep.
Not only did she not get up for breakfast, but she would not wake up even when the maids went to call her.
I was a little concerned about her not eating breakfast, but I suppose it was better than not getting enough sleep.
Besides, Sebastian was talking to Ms. Helena about packing some food for her to eat on the way, so it would probably be fine.

“Alright. Everyone is here now. It is time to depart.”

Mr. Ekenhart said after seeing that everyone was gathered, and all preparations were finished.
There was me, Liza, Leo, Sherry, Mr. Ekenhart, Ms. Claire, Tilura and Ms. Anne.
As for the servants, there were three butlers including Sebastian, and three maids including Ms. Lyra.
As for guards, Phillip, Nicholas, and Johanna were among the eight.
There were more than I expected, but this time, they needed two of them to take the horses back to the mansion.

Unlike the previous time, there were many more horses, and so it was better to take them back then to keep them there.

“Well, please take care of the herbs while I’m gone. And Milina, you’ll have to deal with Nick.”
“Yes, certainly. Leave it to us.”
“Yes, master! I will also watch the fields, so do not worry about them!”

I left the herbs fields to Ms. Gelda and the servants, and also handed Milina some herbs I had made in advance, so that she could pass them to Nick.
After all, Mr. Kalis might run out of them.
I had also said that they could take some from the fields if it was not enough.
Of course, they would have to process them before they could be sold, but Milina knew how to do it, so it should be fine…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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