My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 471

We departed for the Fenrir Forest

“Farewell, everyone! We will be waiting for your safe return!”

As the servants saw us off, I left the mansion with Mr. Ekenhart and the others.
While I was used to it, Ms. Anne was still surprised every time the servants raised their voices in unison like that.
…Now that I thought about it, she pretty much never left the mansion. So that was why she rarely heard it.

Outside of the mansion, there was a fancy carriage, a simple one, and several horses.
Liza and I sat on Leo’s back, while Mr. Ekenhart, Tilura, Ms. Claire and Ms. Anne got into the carriage.
And then the servants got into the plain carriage, while the guards climbed onto their horses.

“Now let us depart!”

Said Sebastian, who drove the front carriage, and the party began to move forward.
Leo waited for a moment and then followed after then.
She liked to let them go ahead, and then show them how she could catch up in an instant.

As for Sherry, Liza was holding her, so that she could watch Leo run.
This was Leo’s idea. She wanted Sherry to learn how to act like a fenrir when outside.
In fact, Leo actually wanted Sherry to run to the forest, but since it was too far, she had to compromise.
Leo’s main purpose was to strengthen Sherry. But she would not be able to fight the orcs if she was tired.

“Everyone is dressed differently from usual!”
“Indeed. Well, it’s not easy going to the forest. You could have left your hat behind too, Liza. After all, it might get dirty.”
“Hmm… I don’t want it to get dirty, but I like to wear it outside. Because you bought it for me!”

While we were riding, Liza noted how everyone was dressed differently from usual.
I was also wearing clothes that would be easy to move in while navigating through the forest.
No such clothes had been prepared for Liza, because she wasn’t there to fight.
Still, she was wearing her favorite hat.

She had been wearing it inside of the mansion at first, but as it felt quite strange, she only wore it when going out into the garden now.
Well, she could always have it washed later. And we could have it repaired or just buy a new one if something happened to it.

As I thought of such things, I recalled how the others were dressed.
All of them, including the non-combatants, were wearing clothes made of leather, perhaps as a precaution.
It must be for ease of movement and defense… Even Ms. Anne was wearing it.
And those with longer hair had it tied in the back so it wouldn’t get in the way.

While some of the guards carried spears, in general, it seemed like they intended to fight with swords.
As the trees would get in the way, it would be much easier to handle a shorter sword.
Similarly, for the sake of movement, the guards were wearing leather armor, whereas they usually wore armor made of metal.
Though, it was much thicker than what the servants wore, and covered their whole body.

Ms. Claire was wearing the same thing she wore last time.
The only one that was surprising was Tilura.
As there was no armor for someone of her height, it had been made by special order.

And then there was Ms. Anne…
She had been so proud of the rolls in her hair, and had added ribbons so that Liza would like her. But her hair was straight now.
It was a little strange, seeing her like this.

Her hair had already been long when rolled. But now that it was straight, it would probably read her feet. And so she had to wrap it around her head several times before tying it into a ponytail that reached her shoulders.

“Papa! Mama is so fast!”
“Aye, she is.”
“Wuff! Wuff!”

Liza’s joyous laughter brought me back from my thoughts.
Sherry also seemed to enjoy feeling the wind against her. And Leo was barking proudly as she ran.
Before I knew it, she had not only caught up with the carriages, but had passed them. And so she circled around and started to run back towards the group.
…The fact that Leo could run like this and not get tired was amazing.
The trip to Range village was much longer, and she had been running faster as well. So for Leo, this was just like a little warm up.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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