My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 472

Tilura’s nerves were calmed

“Are you tired?”
“No, I’m fine!”

We stopped on the way to the forest, so that the horses could rest. Tilura was leaning against a tree.
I had asked her, as she looked like she was out of breath… But she replied loudly, as if to assure me that she was fine.
…She must be quite nervous.

“Your nerves will only make you more tired. So you should try to relax. See, like Liza.”
“…She seems like she’s having so much fun, even though it will be her first time in the forest.”
“Well, that’s true.”

Tilura was tense…probably because she was thinking about how she would have to fight against some orcs.
She must have been nervous in the carriage as well.
And even though she said that she was fine, she would be quite tired by the time we reached the forest if she stayed like this.
We would also have to walk through the forest for some time before setting up camp.

Tilura and I watched Liza, as she seemed to be having fun with Leo and Sherry… If anything, Liza had the opposite problem, and was perhaps a little too relaxed.
I had told her that there were monsters in the forest, and so it was dangerous. But she showed no signs of being on her guard or worrying.
Ms. Claire was patting her on the head now, and she was smiling.

“In any case, today, we’re going to enter the forest and make for the river. There, we will camp for the night, and then we will search for orcs on the following day. So it’s too early to be nervous.”
“But… We might encounter orcs on the way.”
“That’s true. It actually happened last time… But even if it did, the guards and Leo will deal with them.”

Tilura would not be fighting any orcs today.
And so I tried to tell her that she didn’t need to be so nervous yet. But I suppose it could not be helped, as it was her first time.

“We will be going soon!”
“Yes, I understand!”

As I thought about what to do, Sebastian called to us, saying that we would continue our journey to the forest.

“Excuse me, Mr. Ekenhart. It’s about Tilura…”
“What about her? Well, I can see that she is quite nervous.”
“Yes. I think that at this rate, she will be very tired by the time we arrive. Do you think I could let her ride on Leo?”
“On Leo? Indeed, that might help her to relax a little.”

I called out to Mr. Ekenhart, right as he was about to return to his carriage.
Apparently, even he could tell that Tilura was nervous.
Well, he was her father, so he was observant.
In any case, I suggested that she might like to ride on Leo.
He readily agreed, and so I called Tilura.

“What is it, Mr. Takumi?”
“Tilura. Do you want to ride on Leo to the forest? I’m sure it will be more fun than going by carriage.”
“…Are you sure?”
“It’s fine. I’m sure Leo will welcome it. Right, Leo?”

Tilura had looked puzzled at first, but her face brightened with expectation when I made the suggestion.
So she wanted to ride on Leo after all… Now that I thought about it, she had only ever ridden on Leo in the back garden.

Leo barked as if to say it was a brilliant idea, and so it was decided.
I just hoped that it would be effective in calming her nerves a little…
I now had to explain it to Liza.

“Liza. Sorry, but could you ride in the carriage with Ms. Claire and the others? It will be too crowded for all of us to ride on Leo.”
“Oh, okay! I’ve never ridden in a carriage before!”
“I see. Thank you.”
“Thank you, Liza!”

Both Tilura and Liza were still small.
And so I had to ride with them so that they did not get flung off of Leo.
At least in the garden, Leo did not run too fast.
And while it was possible that Tilura would be fine, I did not want to take any chances.

However, I could not support both of them at the same time, and so I had Liza ride in the carriage.
Liza nodded in agreement, and then ran off to the carriage where Ms. Claire was waiting.
As it was her first time, she seemed rather excited about it.

“Wow! It’s so fast!”
“Wuff! Wuff!”

Tilura shouted excitedly as soon as Leo took off.
Leo could tell that she was happy, and she barked back cheerfully.
While she could not see Tilura’s expression, she could probably tell by her voice that she had relaxed a little.

“He-hey, Leo. Slow down a little. You’re leaving the others far behind!”
“Wou? Wuff!”
“I didn’t know that Leo was this fast!!”

Perhaps it was for Tilura’s benefit, but Leo got carried away and started to run too fast, so that there was quite a distance between us and the others.
While we could just go to the forest first, the others might worry about us.
Especially Mr. Ekenhart, who was anxious about Tilura… It probably had to do with his own experience with riding on Leo at such a great speed…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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