Strange Dragon – 90

Chapter 90 – Ije and Mites

I scooped up a little bit of the liquid from the plate with a spoon and licked it.

“Hmm. It is good.”
“I agree with Mr. Theo. I like it.”
“It would go well with some ale.”

The other Adventurers liked it as well.

“How is this made?”

According to Ije, it was also made from soybeans.
The beans were boiled, crushed and mixed with something else and fermented.

“So this is soybeans as well.”
“Yes. Soybeans good.”

Apparently, Ije’s tribe had used them a lot.
Now that I thought about it, we had gotten some from Ije.

“And what is this called?”
“Well, both ingredients taste good, so that’s a relief.”

I thanked her, as did the other Adventurers.


Ije was happy to see how grateful we all were.

“Ije. Food…”

Ije then said that she would cook something.

However, it was then that Kelly, who had been quiet up until now, took Ije’s hands in hers.
Kelly had also licked the ingredients, but had not said anything.

Ije looked puzzled at her.

“Ije. I think you better take a bath.”
“Mmm. You are quite dirty. And we must check for mites.”

If she was going to cook, then she should be clean. That is what Kelly thought.
People had gotten food poisoning not long ago, so Kelly was right to suggest it.

Besides, the wolf cubs had fleas and mites after they were rescued.
And Ije had been living with them and the false demon bear as well.
So it would not be surprising if she had something.

“Okay. Ije take a bath.”
“Fio and Shiro. And also the wolf cubs. We will all go to the bath house.”

Kelly was probably considering the possibility that the cubs had caught something from Ije.

“Theo. Can I go?”
“Of course. Go along now.”

And so Kelly and Ije went to Hippolius’s house in order to get the cubs.
I went back with them as well.

Kelly opened the door and said with a loud voice.

“Fio, Shiro, and Kuro, Roro, Rururu! Time to take a bath!”

And then Hippolius, Pii and I stayed at the house.

“Well, I suppose I’ll do some cleaning in the meantime.”

As Hippolius’s house was so big, it was difficult to clean.
I put the small Hippolius onto the ground, and kept Pii inside of my clothes as I started wiping.
And then Pii hopped out.

“What is it, Pii?”
‘There are mites.’
“Mites, eh? So you found some.”
‘Pii has good eyes.’
“That’s impressive. Did you see any on Ije?”
‘Would have seen if Pii was not sleeping…probably’

Pii had slept a lot today. It must have been tired.
And so Pii had not seen much of Ije.

“I see. If you feel like it next time, please groom Kuro and the others for me.”
‘Okay. Pii did it earlier.’

Apparently, while they were in my clothes together, Pii had cleaned their fur.

“Thank you, Pii.”

After that, Pii helped me with the cleaning.
A short time later, Hippolius started to help as well.
While still small, Hippolius wiped the floor with a rag.

Occasionally, Pii would move swiftly.

“You really do have good eyes, Pii. Thank you.”

As I praised Pii, Hippolius suddenly moved swiftly.
And then it slapped its tail onto the floor.


Hippolius looked at me with a smug expression.

“Did you crush a mite?”
‘Crushed. Kyuo!’
“That’s amazing, Hippolius.”

I didn’t know if Hippolius really did crush it.
Could you even do that with your tail?
But Hippolius was happy, so it didn’t matter.

Like this, we clean the house together.

I had meant to continue cleaning until the others returned, but they were taking their time.
Thanks to that, we were able to clean quite thoroughly.

“Thank you, Pii and Hippolius. The house is very clean now.”

I petted Hippolius and Pii.

“Still, they are quite late. Perhaps they are really enjoying their bath?”
“Indeed. Well, maybe we should go and prepare dinner then.”

And so I picked up Hippolius and Pii and headed to the dining hall.

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