My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 452

Anti-Orc Training

“They are also very strong… Though, I was less experienced at that time. And so my sword broke…and I got wounded…”
“Yes, I heard about that! Orcs must be very strong if they could hurt you, Mr. Takumi.”
“Well, you should not lower your guard, that is for sure. They are not friendly monsters. Unless you can run away, then it is kill or be killed…”
“Additionally, Tilura. You should never lower your guard around any monster. You should always go all out and treat them as if they are strong. Though, if there are a lot of them, you might have to save your energy.”

They were attacking in order to kill you.
I wasn’t really sure why they were hostile. Perhaps humans were food for them.
The trolls had attacked Sherry, so it might be normal for monsters to fight each other. But humans were often defenseless, and had to be more careful.

Like Mr. Ekenhart said, there would be times when you had to save your strength.
However, it was probably too early for Tilura to be thinking about that.

“Yes, I know they aren’t dangerous for you, Leo.”

Leo, who had been watching from a distance, walked up to me and barked once.
She was saying that orcs were smallfry and we should leave them to her. But that wouldn’t help Tilura at all.
The whole purpose for this trip was to have Tilura fight orcs and show the results of her training. So there would be no point if Leo did everything.

“Wuff? Wuff-wuff.”
“Mama says that Sherry can help too!”
“Sherry is… I suppose Leo means for it to be part of her diet… But you shouldn’t bother Tilura okay? You can help her only if she is in danger.”
“Thank you, Leo! I will do my best, so please watch! I think I should be able to defeat the orcs without your help!”

While Leo looked a little disappointed, she barked in support of Tilura.
Perhaps Leo had wanted to show off in front of her…

“When I fought them, the orc was like…”
“Like this?”
“No, Tilura. You will be knocked down by their strength if you do that. You are still small, so don’t try to win with strength!”
“Wuff! Wuff!”
“You can do it, sister Tilura!”

At the end, we did some anti-orc training.
I recalled when the orc had come towards me, and helped Tilura to imagine it. And then Mr. Ekenhart judged the way that she moved.
I hoped that Tilura would not get injured when she really did fight in the forest.

Leo would move to help her immediately… But I would still bring some Loe with me, just in case.
Once we continued our training, Leo and Liza moved a short distance away, and then cheered us on from there.

“Yes! I was just visiting!”

After training, I separated from Tilura and Mr. Ekenhart, and left Liza and Leo in my room so that I could go and take a bath.
And when I returned, I saw that Rosalie and Liza were playing with Leo.

“Thank you for playing with Liza.”
“Not at all. I should be thanking them, if anything…”

Rosalie said modestly. She seemed a little nervous.

“Ah, that’s right. Have you taken a bath yet?”
“Huh? Oh, not yet! I’m sorry!”

It took several days to reach this mansion from Range village.
And so was covered in dirt and dust and would likely want to take a bath.

“You don’t have to apologize. Perhaps you could go with Liza? Ms. Lyra is waiting for her now, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you joined her.”
“Oh, uh… Of course! Yes. Excuse me!”
“Uh, Rosalie!? Papa, mama, I’ll go then!”
“Take your time!”

Rosalie had turned a little red as she dashed out of the room. Had I said something wrong?
Well, I suppose telling a girl that she should take a bath might sound a little insulting…
Regardless, I’m sure that Ms. Lyra would treat her well, and I hoped that she would soon be back to her normal self.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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