My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 453

I woke up to a comfortable sensation

…When I woke up, I felt something soft covering my face and upper body. It was like I was being enveloped.


Considering what had happened yesterday, I thought it might be Liza. Though, I heard Leo’s voice as well. Regardless, my vision was blocked.

“Liza… Is that your tail again?”
“Wuff. Wuff.”

Only Leo barked, and I did not hear Liza…
And so I raised my hand to touch it. Ah, this…

“…Is this your tail, Leo?”

The thing finally moved off of my face, and I could see.
And so I sat up and looked around the room and saw that Leo was sticking her tail in my direction.
Liza was still sleeping, but was near the corner of the bed and looked like she was about to fall off.

“So it was you, Leo.”
“Wuff… Wuff.”

Leo turned around. And once she saw that I had woken up, she bent down and moved her face near Liza.
She was trying to push Liza away from the edge, but it was not going well.

“Did you wake me up because she was about to fall off?”

I said quietly, so as to not wake Liza up, and Leo nodded.
So she had noticed that Liza was going to fall, and did her best to prevent it. However, since she could not move her well, she used her tail to try and wake me up.
If she barked or moved onto the bed, she would wake Liza up, and so she had no choice but to use her tail…

“Well, it’s morning anyway. So you might as well have just woken her.”
“Mr. Takumi, Leo, Liza. Are you up?”

I looked out of the window. I had an idea of the time, judging by the position of the sun.
And so I knew that Tilura would be visiting us soon.
Just as Leo tilted her head to the side, Tilura’s voice rang from outside.
As we slept at the usual time, no one had stopped her in coming to tell us that breakfast was ready.

“Well, I suppose you were only thinking about her sleeping well, and so you forgot about the time. Tilura, you can come in.”
“Excuse me.”

Leo looked a little discouraged when she realized that it was fine to wake up Liza.
Well, since she always slept next to the bed, in case she fell off, it was understandable that she would be concerned.

“Good morning… Is Liza still sleeping?”
“Yes, good morning. She is sleeping more soundly than usual… And she’s about to fall off.”

Liza looked so happy that I hesitated to wake her up now.
It was no wonder that Leo had not wanted to wake her up either.
But as I thought this, her ears started to twitch.
Apparently, she had heard the sounds around her, and she slowly opened her eyes.

“Morning, Liza. Did you sleep well?”
“…Mmm… Papa?”
“Good morning, Liza.”

She was not completely awake yet, and looked around with dazed eyes as she sat up.
Her ears were moving busily, as if to take stock of the situation.
She then rubbed her eyes and looked at me.
At the same time, Leo and Tilura greeted her.

“Ah, papa, mama. Good morning! And sister Tilura!”
“Oh! Haha. You are energetic this morning.”
“Such energy when she just woke up!”

Her head finally seemed to clear, and after recognizing us, Liza jumped off of the bed and onto me.
I caught her, while being impressed that she could move like that after just getting up.
It was a good thing that I trained every day… Or I probably would have dropped her…
I chuckled with relief. Though, Tilura was a little surprised.

I suppose Liza could do such things because she was a beastkin.
Or maybe she was just active.

“Alright. Now that you’re up, you should go and wash your face. Can you take her, Tilura?”
“Yes, I’ll go! Rosalie is also waiting outside, so we’ll go together!”
“Oh, she is?”
“Uh…good morning.”
“Good morning, Rosalie.”

I put Liza on the ground and told her to get ready for the day with Tilura.
Apparently, Rosalie had also come as well. When I said her name, she stuck head out from behind the door and greeted us.

Last night, when she returned with Liza, she had apologized, but I told her that I could have worded it differently and apologized as well.
She had then gone back to Mr. Haines, but I suppose she was still a little embarrassed about it.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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