My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 454

Liza and Rosalie helped me

“Good morning, Rosalie!”
“Good morning, Liza!”
“Alright, Mr. Takumi. I will go with Liza now!”
“Yes, thank you!”

Rosalie answered as Liza greeted her cheerfully. The three of them really did seem to enjoy being around each other. I was happy to see it.
I watched them leave while talking excitedly, and then I started to get ready as well.

“Are you still tired, Leo?”
“Wuff. Wuff.”
“Haha. So you got up early. Maybe you should sleep a little?”
“Well, just take it easy then.”

While I was getting ready, Leo yawned sleepily.
She was scratching her ears with her hind leg, and seemed drowsy.
Apparently, she had woken up early when noticing that Liza was about to fall.
I thought that if that was the case, she should sleep more, but Leo did not want to miss breakfast.

Well, eating was important too.
Aside from seeing Mr. Haines off, I had no plans today… And so Leo could just take a nap.
Besides, she may be a little sleep deprived after recent incidents, like Sherry stealing in the kitchen, and our midnight excursion to capture Deam.
Back in Japan, she slept a lot while I was out working. But here, she mostly matched my sleeping schedule. So it would be good for her to take naps once in a while.
We were going to the forest tomorrow, and I would have to prepare. But she would have plenty of time until then.

“Phew. That should do it.”
“Did I do a good job?”
“Aye, very good, Liza!”

After eating breakfast with everyone, I made herbs with Weed Cultivation and worked in the fields until midday.
Since we were going to the forest, I made more than usual, and Liza helped me.
Mr. Haines and Rozalie were astonished to see the herbs grow out of the dirt from nothing.
That was how everyone reacted when seeing the Gift for the first time.

“Ehehe… Mama, I was able to do it!”
“Wou. Wou.”

I patted Liza on the head and praised her, and then she proudly showed the herbs she picked to Leo.
Leo also replied happily.
…Yes, we were both really soft towards her.

As for why we had gathered the herbs from the field, it was because they did not look like they would multiply any further, and we did not want them to affect the surrounding grass and flowers.
I did leave some that hadn’t grown fully yet, but we would have to see what would happen to them.
When I inspected the soil, I saw that it had dried from having so much nutrients absorbed so quickly, and it looked like sand.

It was just a small area, but it was like a desert, and the grass around it had died.
This could be quite dangerous if not used carefully…
In any case, this was the change that Sebastian had been talking about.
I had seen what happens when using it on an orc, after all.

I suppose I didn’t notice it earlier, as I had always grown them while more spread out, or in smaller numbers.
As the dried area was not too big, adding some new soil and fertilizer would probably return it to normal… But I would have to avoid planting the herbs in one area from now on.
The last thing I wanted was to dry up all the land around Range village.
That was why Sebastian suggested planting the herbs across a large field, and have more people help with managing it.

“So it is quite tiring. Even if it looks easy…”
“Yes. It is simple, but if you keep doing it…”
“Mama. You can blow the wind a little harder!”
“…As always, Liza shows no signs of being tired.”

After growing and gathering the herbs, we were joined by Milina and helped with concocting the medicine.
Once she saw Liza helping with it, Rosalie said she wanted to try it as well.
As it was simple work, I thought it might be good for her to experience it, and so I had Milina teach her while I used magic wind.
I had gotten the hang of it now, and it was easier to maintain the wind magic.
Of course, it was still a little tiring.

“Well, Liza does have a shocking amount of energy…”
“Hoho. So this is the medicine that you mixed in the wine that we drank yesterday.”
“Yes. The idea was to drink this with wine…to improve your health. While the taste is a little different, it’s better than drinking this by itself.”

Mr. Haines smiled as he saw Rosalie doing her best to help. And then he muttered while looking at the finished medicine.
In this powdered form, it did not look very good.
And while it would be effective if drunk like this, the wine made it more drinkable.

While it wasn’t that we absolutely had to mix it in wine, the idea was to make Range village’s wine a popular product, and so we would only sell it like this for now.
Besides, we wanted to do something about the association with the illness…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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