My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 455

It was time to see Mr. Haines off

“Indeed the taste is like that. But after drinking it during dinner, I felt a little better than usual this morning.”
“Haha. Well, as for whether the effect is felt immediately, it seems to depend on the person…”

Apparently, Mr. Haines could feel the effects after just drinking it a few times.
However, I really didn’t think this was the kind of drink that is effective that quickly… It was more of a supplement, anyway.
It could be the placebo effect. Or maybe Mr. Haines was just malnourished.

“Papa. Can I start the next one?”
“Hmm. Ah, yes. Let’s move on to the next one then. Rosalie, perhaps you should switch places with Milina now?”
“…I’m sorry. I said I would help, but ended up being pretty useless…”
“That’s fine. It is tiring work. Liza just doesn’t get tired, so she is fine. You still helped, even if you took turns with Milina. Isn’t that right, Milina?”
“Yes. I can only do so much by myself… So let’s do it together!”

As Liza wanted to continue making the medicine, we moved on to the next batch.

“We have finished preparing the horses.
“Thank you.”
“You even took care of our horses. Thank you so much.”
“Thank you!”

After we were finished with the medicine, we all ate lunch together, and then it was time for Mr. Haines and Rosalie to leave.
If they left the mansion at this time, they would be able to arrive at Ractos before it was late. And after staying there for one night, they could return to the village.
Johanna had come and told Sebastian that the horses were prepared.
As they were taken care of at the mansion, they were not tired, and were ready for the journey ahead.
Mr. Haines and Rosalie then thanked Sebastian, and bowed deeply to Mr. Ekenhart and Ms. Claire, who had come to see him off.

“Well, you are a guest. So it is only normal. …I’m sure you will have a lot to do when you return, such as explaining and persuading others. But do your best.”
“Yes, of course. Please leave the villagers to me. …Once they know that Mr. Takumi and Leo are coming, not one of them will object to the plan… If anything, they will hardly be able to wait, and will start preparing to welcome them. It will be harder to make them calm down.”
“Haha. Well, that is good to hear!”
“Here is some of the rosé wine and medicinal wine.”
“Yes, thank you.”

As Mr. Haines was talking to Mr. Ekenhart, I wondered if our arrival really would cause such excitement.
Indeed, I know that we saved the village, but… Well, as long as they didn’t think we would be a nuisance, it was fine.
I suppose it was also because Leo was so popular with the children.

Mr. Haines and Mr. Ekenhart laughed while they talked.
And then Sebastian stepped forward and gave him some wrapped up bottles.
It would be easier to explain everything to the villagers if he could show them the actual wine.
The bottles contained about five hundred milliliters, and there were five of each type.
It was a lot to carry, but they had the horses and…

“I have finished preparing as well.”

Said Nicholas. He was dressed in the same equipment he wore when going to town.
He was to accompany them as a guard on the return journey back to Range village.
Mr. Haines had insisted that this was not necessary. As they would be mainly sticking to the main road, it should not be dangerous. But Mr. Ekenhart said that it was best to be sure.
Besides, they needed someone to carry the wine and other belongings.

Even if the horses would be carrying them on the road, it was too heavy for Mr. Haines or Rosalie to carry them once they entered the town.
One wondered why they didn’t take less then… But I suppose it was an excuse for Mr. Ekenhart to send a guard with them.
After all, Mr. Haines was the chief, and it would be very bad if something were to happen to him.

“Good bye, Rosalie.”
“Yes. When you come to the village, I will introduce you to all of my friends!”
“I’ll look forward to it!”
“And everyone is looking forward to playing you again, Leo!”

The children were saying their farewells too.
As the mansion was filled with adults, I was happy that Liza would be able to play with a lot of friends in the village.
Leo was also looking forward to it, and wagging her tail happily.

“Ah, that’s right. The hat that you’re wearing…could I buy one too?”
“Hmm. I don’t know. Papa?”
“Huh? What is it?”
“Rosalie wants a hat like this too. Could she buy one? I can’t give her this one, because you bought it for me…”
“In that case, I will speak to the tailor.”

Yesterday, Rosalie had said she wanted ears and a tail like Liza.
And then she had seen Liza’s hat, which she liked so much and wore most of the time, and started to want one too.
Mr. Halton had made it just for Liza, and so I didn’t know if you could buy it. That was when Sebastian opened his mouth.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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