Strange Dragon – 49

Chapter 49 – Fighting the False Demon Bear

Perhaps the cubs had been injured, as they walked very slowly.
However, the false Demon Bear showed no signs of caring.

It just continued to pull and tug on the ropes around their neck.
It was like the cubs weren’t even walking but being dragged.
And then the false Demon Bear kicked one of the cubs.

It seemed like it did this for no reason at all.
Just like a child kicking a rock that happens to be by their feet.
Only this one happened to be a cute wolf cub.


After hearing the cub’s yelp, the false Demon Bear laughed happily.
I could feel the anger welling up within me.

I had not been so angry in a very long time. Still, I gritted my teeth and tried to calm myself.
It was in times like these, that my long experience as an Adventurer would be useful.

No matter how angry I was, I had to deal with the situation calmly if I wanted to be of any help.
Otherwise, we might just all die.
And so one must separate their mind from their heart.

After thinking of a plan of attack, I talked silently to Hippolius by using the tame skill.

“(Hippolius. We’re going to defeat that thing here and now.)”
“(Shiro and Fio. You two wait here.)”

This was sent to Shiro, who relayed it to Fio. She shook her head.
I could sense a strong will in her eyes.
It was difficult to persuade people with such eyes. And time comsuming.
And time was not something that we had.

And so I adjusted my plan.

“(Fine. Shiro and Fio. You two will wait here at first, and when you see an opening, run out and rescue the wolf cubs.)”

Fio and Shiro nodded together.

“(Hippolius. I’m going to charge in its direction, and I want you to use your most powerful magic at the same time.)”
‘Will you be okay?’
“(Target its torso. Do it as if you mean to blow both of us into the air.)”

Hippolius looked at me worriedly.
This would be powerful magic from a high-ranking dragon. It would surely have incredible force.
So it was no wonder that Hippolius was concerned.

However, we needed that much attack power at the very least in order to defeat the false Demon Bear.
After all, this was the monster that had hunted down Shiro’s pack.

“(Leave it to me. I won’t get hit if I know that it is coming.)”
“(Trust me and shoot with everything you got.)”
“(And after you fire off the magic, fight it up close.)”

And then I turned to Shiro and Fio.
I used the taming skill with Shiro, who then relayed it to Fio.

“(Erase your presence. And don’t go close unless there is an opening. Don’t be reckless.)”
“(If you do something reckless, it will make the rescue more difficult. So don’t do it.)”

I explained to them carefully, and then Fio and Shiro nodded with serious expressions.
After patting them on the head, I erased my presence and then approached the enemy all at once.

I would have liked to have attacked from a distance, but I didn’t want it to use the cubs as a shield.
Though, it was possible that I could attack it before it had time to do that.
However, risking my own life was one thing, but I did not want to risk putting the lives of the cubs in danger like that.

As for the false Demon Bear, it had the confidence of knowing that it was the strongest predator in the territory, and so it was not on its guard at all.
And I would make use of that.
And so I moved closer while keeping my presence erased.

As I approached, I used my crafting skill to craft a large but light club.
It was about 1.2 meters in length, and 0.3 meters in thickness.
The materials were the grass that grew around me and dirt.
The grass was weaved tightly like a rope.
I dried the dirt thoroughly so that it became small particles, and then I hardened them in the core of the club.

And once I was about ten meters away from the false Demon Bear…
I shouted loudly so that it would be alerted of my presence.

Fio and Shiro had already started to move.
They were good at erasing their presence, and the false Demon Bear was not cautious.
But even then, it would be safer for them if I distracted it.
That was why I had made my presence known.


It really had not known that I was approaching, and for a second, it looked completely startled.
However, as soon as it saw me, its expression turned to that of a wicked smile.
It must have determined that I was new prey.
Perhaps, because I was a rare creature, it would also try to put a rope around my neck like the cubs, and keep me.
After all, to the false Demon Bear, I was just prey.
Not even an enemy.

“Thank you for lowering your guard!”

I shouted as I bashed the false Demon Bear with my club.
But even though it had let its guard down, it was still not going to just stand there and get hit.
And so the false Demon Bear took out a club of its own, which seemed to be made of carved stone, and began to defend itself.
So, it was intelligent enough to make tools.

And so my club that was made of grass and dirt came down over his stone club, and shattered.
However, I had made a brittle club deliberately.

As the club came apart, the dirt inside rained down over the false Demon Bear.
This wasn’t just to cover it in dirt.

Through using the shattered club as a material, I activated my crafting skill.
And with the dried dirt that was in the air, I made something like an eye patch that covered both of the false Demon Bear’s eyes.


As the dry dirt entered its eyes, it covered its face as if in great pain.

But I wasn’t finished yet.
Just like with the eye patch, I used the grass in the air as a material and activated the crafting skill again.
The grass in the air from the shattered club was also a material.
In other words, it was already woven into a rope.

And so I used it to make a longer rope and used it to bind the upper half of the false Demon Bear.

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  1. I think the protagonist can use his “Appraisal” skill to check the species of both Fio and Shiro. I don’t think you would be this dumb even if you are a veteran adventurer to not the extent of your own skill.

    • I’m pretty sure it said that he couldn’t use it on animals. I think he could use it on dead animals though. It’s also probably why instead of appraising the sick people directly, he had to appraise the berry they ate.

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