Strange Dragon – 84

Chapter 84 – Magic Stones

Ije poked at the magic stone with a finger and tilted her head.

“This. Magic stone?”
“Yes. The stones that are found inside of magic beasts.”

The magic stones were placed together underneath all of the precious metals.
There were a few dozen in all.
They were likely from beasts that the false demon bear had defeated.

Aside from magic beasts, the stones could also be found in anything that had dense mana within their bodies.
Even Undead and Majins dropped them.
There had been one inside of the false demon bear as well.

“They are very useful, so I’ll take them.”
“But wait a moment. I should use the appraisal skill, just in case.”

I had wondered if there were magic stones from Shiro’s family.
Magic stones were important materials.
However, they could be keepsakes for Shiro and Fio. I could not just use them as building materials.


There were a great variety of magic stones.
Some were from herbivore monsters like demon boars, and others were from carnivore monsters like demon bears.

“Some of these are very impressive.”

There were a few magic stones that were especially beautiful and shiny.
I took one in my hand and used the appraisal skill on it.

“…This is from a demon wolf. It must be from Shiro’s family then.”
“Aye. Shiro and Kuro’s family were killed by the false demon bear.”

Like Ije’s family, Shiro’s pack had been killed.

There were eight magic stones. That was the same number of adult wolves in Shiro’s pack.
So it was true that all of them had been killed.

I had already expected this to be the case.
But now that there was clear proof, it had to be accepted as fact.

“I’m not sure if I should show these to Shiro and Fio…”

While they were strong, they were still children as well.
And so it would be hard for them to see magic stones from their parents and brothers and sisters.
Kuro and the others were even younger, so I had to be more careful with them.

“…Well, I will keep them safe for now. Don’t tell Shiro and the others.
“Okay. A secret.”

The normal magic stones were tossed into the magic bag.
As for the stones from Shiro’s family, I wrapped them neatly with a clean cloth, so that they would not get scratched.
It was just to be safe, even if they were hard, and not likely to be scratched.

“…Now, I will put them into the bag as well.”

Just as I was about to put them in the bag, I heard a voice.

“…Shiro. So you came to look.”

As we had taken a long time, they might have become worried.
The cubs and Fio were with Hippolius, so they were safe.

“We just finished up here. Let’s go back.”

I remained calm and was about to continue to put the magic stones in the bag, but…
Shiro barked at me a little louder.

“…So you noticed.”

Shiro must be able to tell because of the scent.
Now that she noticed, I had to show her.

“Shiro. It is this. Check them.”

And so I placed the wrapped up stones in front of Shiro.
Shiro then began to smell them.

“…Wou… Wou… Uu…au…”

Shiro sniffed them and barked sadly.
So Shiro understood that they were magic stones from her family.


I didn’t know what to say. And so I knelt down and petted Shiro gently.

And then Shiro…
Shiro howled long and loud.

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