Ken yo, kaku katariki – 7

7 – Sword Saint of Legend

The man who received the unbelievable report that day, Lieutenant General Vaisef Livore, found himself glancing at the clock repeatedly as he processed the documents on his desk.

Over and over, he adjusted the collar of his uniform and cleared his throat.
He was a veteran in war, and hailed as a ‘Demon’ when leading a charge. And so there was a good reason that he could not hide his nervousness now.

It was due to news of a guest that he had just heard about through radio transmission.

“Your Grace, the guest has just arrived.”

“Let him in!”

He stood up from his chair and stared hard as the door began to open.
…The black hair had more white in it compared to the last time he saw him. There was a single katana at his waist. There was no mistake!

“Welcome. It is an honor to be in your presence, master.”

“Forgive me for the sudden visit.”

It was the legendary master swordsman.
The only person on the continent who was called ‘Sword Saint.’
According to some, the strongest in the world.
According to some, he was the equal to a tank battalion… No, even better. That was how he had been rated at the Intelligence Bureau.

The Imperial Army held military might above all else, and so this was someone who they could not ignore.
Careful to not give offense, Vaisef guided him to the sofa. And it was not until he confirmed that the visitor had sat down that he too lowered himself onto the sofa.

His secretary served them tea…which was from the east, and had been prepared in advance to suit the master’s taste. Vaisef took a sip and then opened his mouth.

“I must say that I was quite astonished to hear of your visit to our humble fortress.”

“…I happened to be passing by. They say you have the finest. And so I came to watch your training.”

“Aye, it will be our pleasure.”

It was little wonder that Lieutenant General Vaisef was thrilled at the idea.
The legendary Sword Saint wanted to observe their training. This would surely raise morale. And he could not help but wonder if he could not participate himself somehow…a simple bout perhaps.

In the Imperial Army, everyone seemed to have a tendency towards combat mania. And so the greatest soldier in the world was a super star for them. Of course, for Vaisef as well.
That being said, while he would not be asking for any autographs, if he could bout with him, that would be something he could boast about to his grandchildren.

“You are traveling then? To where?”

“The Imperial Capital.”

Ah. Vaisef nodded.
After this, he would have to contact both the General and the Emperor immediately.

“The Imperial Capital, at this time… For the Martial Arts Tournament?”

The Imperial Capital Martial Arts Tournament took place every Autumn and was one of the biggest events of the Irovale Festival.
Guns and tanks had appeared, and were now leading in modern warfare. However, close combat was still of great importance.
After all, a swordsman enhanced with magic might dominate a small unit armed with guns. With that being said, this could only be accomplished by a very small group of people.
And for that reason, the army was highly interested in the tournament. For scouting.
The guild and mercenary armies were the same. Or even criminal organizations.

If the legendary master were to watch the games…it would mean this year’s tournament would generate more excitement than any before it. Vaisef quivered at the thought.

However… He had never heard anything about the master coming to watch the games before.
The Sword Saint was known to train obsessively, and show no interest in anything else… Could he have had a change of heart?

“Bah, I just thought it was about time that he came.”


The old man chuckled and took a sip of the tea.
Could there really be someone that he was interested in…? By what trick?

In the end, the master did not say any more than that.

Though, he did agree to a practice match, much to Vaisef’s delight… As for whether his forgetting to include the ‘person the master was interested in’ when making his report, would be for good or ill…
At this point, no one could know.

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Ken yo, kaku katariki ~ Ken to mahō no isekai ni tensei shita noni jitsu wa bunmei ga gendai reberu datta ken

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