Ken yo, kaku katariki – The Characters


The protagonist of the story.
He was reincarnated from modern day Japan. A mysterious old man rescues him after he was abandoned in a forest at the foot of the mountain. It appeared that at least some time had passed since his birth.
But there was nothing to give any clues about his parents. He was just wrapped in a cloth and put in a basket. So someone must have left him there on purpose.
Yukito aspires to be like the old man, and chooses the way of the sword as well.
He is already among the best in terms of skill.
While not explicitly stated in the story, he is about 18 years old at this point, making him quite a genius.
He has reached the peak of understanding when it comes to the sword, and with his goal of surpassing his master, he creates an original special technique, Thunder Unleash.
However, he still has no idea how strong he is, or that the master who raised him is the legendary Sword Saint.
One could say that his regrets from his previous life are the reason that ‘not wanting to run away’ is what shapes him now.
Additionally, for some reason, he was able to understand the language as soon as he reincarnated. But he has never really put much thought into it. It was not because he was stupid, but that it was the result of chance.

Techniques he used:
Walking Technique – Sky Walk
Create platforms in the air and increase your speed through stepping on them.

Cutting Form – Breaking Thread
Extends the sword with wind magic. The sharpness relies on the strength of magic instead of the blade.

Renki – Thunder Unleash
Turn the body into lightning, giving you incredible speed. Can be used in combination with Sky Walk.

Jin Raido

The old man who rescued and raised the protagonist. While his age is unknown, he is over 70.
The strongest fighter in the world, also known as the Sword Saint. His fame is so great that royals pay him respect when he visits. His achievements have been retold in children’s books, and there is no one on the continent who does not know of him.
His sword principle has no name, and so it is referred to as the ‘known style’ or ‘nameless style.’ However, it was not exactly from any established style, as he is self taught. There was no master or apprentice to it, so the name was only for convenience.
While some might consider him a father or grandfather or teacher to Yukito, as he is a very quiet man, they rarely talked to each other. And yet they still created bonds enough to be called family.
But Yukito still does not know his name. Or that he is a legendary swordsman known as the Sword Saint on the continent.
While he taught Yukito all of his techniques, he tended to hope that Yukito would improve on them instead of merely passing them on.


The black wolf demon beast that Yukito rescued.
Demon beasts are not quite the same as monsters.
In spite of being a demon beast, Kuro is very intelligent and understands Yukito’s words and actions, and even seems to understand things that are unsaid.
While Kuro can fight, Yukito is determined to train, and so does not rely on Kuro. And so Kuro usually stays behind and hunts when Yukito is training.
In fact, around the midway point of the mountain, where the house is located, there are no more monsters who can match Kuro. And the whole area is Kuro’s territory.
Yukito and Jin were already dangerous residents there. And now that Kuro had come, no monsters would risk getting close.

Vaisef Livore

Lieutenant General of the Imperial Army. Tasked with overseeing the Aizesvorn Fortress located in the southern regions of the empire, this formidable commander is often likened to a ‘demon’ due to his relentless and vigorous performance in battles.
In the Imperial Army, the rank of General was only appointed during wartime, which makes him effectively the second-highest rank.
While he came off as a little foolish in the last chapter, he is undoubtedly a distinguished commander, who, during wartime, wields a halberd himself and mows down enemies at the frontlines, solidifying his reputation.
(Actually, a commander would not do this, so it is merely propaganda. However, it is true that he is strong enough to be counted among the masters.)

Next Chapter Preview
The protagonist finally leaves the mountain.
There is an encounter, like a bear and a fair maiden, but… What came next was…an interrogation? Will there be food?
“Huh? You were living on that mountain? Don’t you know that it is forbidden?”
Cell phones, cars, expressways, buses, subways… Can the protagonist keep up with the modern conveniences that keep appearing!?
Can the unregistered, primitive protagonist land a stable job!?
“But this is not the kind of ‘another world’ I had in mind!?”

…Part 1. Chapter 8: Rain and Tears and the Reason of the Sword.
The title fraud ends here!!! by Kujira (Author)
Please look forward to it!!

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Ken yo, kaku katariki ~ Ken to mahō no isekai ni tensei shita noni jitsu wa bunmei ga gendai reberu datta ken

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