My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 397

We captured the food thief


As I looked at Sebastian and the others and wondered what to do, I heard Leo sighing.
Leo, the intruder will hear if you do that…

“Enough? What do you mean?”

Leo turned to me and barked.
It seemed like she was saying that it was enough, but we hadn’t caught anyone yet, let alone seen anything.
What did this mean… I asked Leo quietly.

Just then, I heard the rhythmic sounds of something running from the direction that the intruder had been.
It must have heard my voice. Or Leo’s.
Not wanting to let it get away, I started to get up to my feet.
The others began to move as well.


Just then, Leo’s angry bark echoed through the kitchen.
And then there was a scared squeak.
Huh? That voice…

“Wuff. Wou!”

Leo slipped out from her cramped hiding place and barked as she moved towards the place where I had heard the sound.
She wasn’t going to bite into it, but catch it.
By that time, everyone else had stood up and was looking at Leo.

“Wuff… Wuff-wuff.”
“So it was you who was stealing the food…”

Leo let out a sigh and picked it up with her mouth and turned to face us.
It must have been scared by Leo’s barking, as it was now shaking.
It knew that it could not beat Leo, and did not try to resist.

Of course, it was Sherry.
Leo was holding her by the back of the neck, like a parent cat, as her limbs hung and shook.
Sherry was squeaking as if asking for help, but I could not exactly defend her in this situation.
After all, she had taken food without permission.

“Hah… Sebastian, please turn on the light. The effects of the herbs should wear off soon.”
“Indeed. Very well.”

After a moment, a dim light illuminated the kitchen.
Even though the effects of the herbs were weakening, I had gotten used to the darkness, and so my eyes hurt a little.
In any case, there were more pressing matters.

“Sherry… Why were you stealing food?”

I asked while looking at the dangling Sherry.
Apparently, she was barking and trying to explain, but I could not understand what she was saying.
I thought about asking Leo to interpret, but she wouldn’t be able to talk with her mouth full… Besides, it would be a hassle for me to then relate it to Sebastian and the others.
Though, Sherry seemed resigned, so it was probably fine to let go of her.

“Sorry, Sebastian. Could you go and call Liza, who is waiting with Ms. Lyra? Unless she is already sleeping.”
“Very well. I will go and check to see if she is awake.”

Liza would be able to clearly understand what Sherry is saying.
Ms. Claire would as well, but she might be asleep…and I didn’t want to call for her at this hour.
If Liza was asleep, then I would just make Leo calm down and would interpret what she said.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I have brought Lady Liza.”
“Papa. Mama. What happened…?”
“Sorry, Liza. I know you must be tired, but I want to ask you to do something.”

She had probably been waiting for us to return, as she was rubbing at her eyes.
Ms. Lyra was also right behind her.
It would probably be best to let them sleep in tomorrow… I thought such things as I asked her to interpret for Sherry.

“Yes, okay. I can do that.”
“So, why have you been doing such things, Sherry?”

And so the interrogation began with Liza’s aid.
Since we knew there was no danger now, Phillip and the guards had been dismissed.
Ms. Lyra had also been sent to bed, and Sebastian told her that she could sleep for longer than usual.

After that, the interrogation was over in a few minutes.
The reason was simple. She was hungry.
While she had not lacked food since coming to this mansion, she was still young and growing… So perhaps three meals a day was not enough.
And so recently, she had taken to leaving the room after Ms. Claire slept, and followed the scent of food to the kitchen.

It was just a coincidence that it started after Liza’s arrival.
She was clearly scared, and would probably be crying if she was human, so I doubted it was a lie.
In any case, Leo. Maybe you got a little too angry?

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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