Strange Dragon – 50

Chapter 50 – Fighting the False Demon Bear 2

After having the upper half of its body bound by a net of grass, the false Demon Bear stopped moving for a moment.
Thanks to covering its eyes, it took some time for it to understand what was happening to it.


However, it then started to tear away the net with brute force.

“What a monster…”
It should have been durable enough that tearing it would be very difficult, but this false Demon Bear was not normal.

“However…I expected that as well.”

While the false Demon Bear was tearing the grass net, it let go of the leashes that attached to the Demon Wolf cubs.
Upon seeing this, I lept to the side.

While screaming, the false Demon Bear opened its tear-filled eyes.

And the first thing that it saw was…
Hippolius’s greatest magic attack. Powerful light magic.

It was stronger than even I had imagined.
The light beam that shot from Hippolius’s mouth slammed into the false Demon Bear’s torso.

Even the trees behind it were cut down in a straight line.
At the same time, the crouching Fio and Shiro started to run towards us.
And without stopping, they snatched the three Demon Wolf cubs from the feet of the false Demon Bear.

Since Hippolius had only targeted the upper half, you could avoid it as long as you stayed low.
However, even if you knew this, it was no easy thing to charge out like this.
All it would take is for Hippolius’s mouth to shift a little, and you could be hit by the magic attack.

And a stray bullet, well, stray magic, from Hippolius was very powerful.
You would die if you were hit by it.

However, Fio and Shiro showed no signs of hesitation.
As the powerful magic slammed into the enemy that killed their parents, they had charged forwards without having their tails between their legs.

I would have to praise them for being so brave.
Fio and Shiro’s movements were very precise.
Fio had a cub in each arm, while Shiro carried the third by biting its neck.

“Well done! Now fall back!”

Fio and Shiro ran their fastest as they moved away from the false Demon Bear.
Once they were far enough, Fio got on top of Shiro’s back while still holding the cubs.
And then Shiro ran even faster.
This must be Shiro’s full speed, when he didn’t have to run alongside Fio.

And like that, Shiro ran his fastest so that he was behind Hippolius.
There was no doubt that that was the safest place to be. It was a good decision.


Even though the false Demon Bear was burned to a crisp, it was still moving.

“It’s still alive.”

It really was a monster. However, there was no doubt that it had taken a lot of damage.
However, it had not lost its will to fight yet.
And so the false Demon Bear looked around angrily.
The large Hippolius. Fio and the others, far away. And me, right in front of it.
After seeing all of this, the false Demon Bear decided to target me.

It would be too hard to chase after Shiro and the others. Hippolius was so strong.
And so it must have decided that I would be the easiest to defeat.


It roared loudly and then charged towards me.
And it swung its stone club with its right arm.
I would not go unharmed if I was hit by it.

“Not only are you tough, but you’re fast.”

I dodged the stone club and then touched the false Demon Bear’s right arm.
At the same time, I activated the appraisal skill.

In an instant, all kinds of data on the false Demon Bear entered my head.
Its size, magic energy, its health, arm strength, magic spells.
Information related to combat.
On top of that, I also knew its age, speed of growth and eating habits.

Of course…
“(Hippolius! It’s weak to fire!)”
I knew its weaknesses as well.

And so Hippolius started to dash towards us.
This was all according to plan.
I had told Hippolius to fight close quarters after the magic attack.


Hippolius did not slow down.
As Hippolius dashed, pale bullets of fire shot from the horns on its head, and flew towards the false Demon Bear.
There were five shots. Even one of them should be enough to defeat it.

Upon seeing the fire, the false Demon Bear let out a scared sound for the first time.
Then it turned its back towards Hippolius and tried to run away.

“I won’t let you go!”

I immediately activated the crafting skill and used the grass at the false Demon Bear’s feet to trip it.
To be precise, I used the grass as materials and crafted a net.
It was so simple that I didn’t know if it could be called a trap.
However, after being shot up with light magic, and being scared of fire, it was more than enough for the false Demon Bear.


In an instant, the grass net was torn apart.
However, it had still stopped the false Demon Bear for an instant, and caused it to lose its balance.
It let out a final scream and then fell to the ground on all fours.
However, this put it out of the trajectory of Hippolius’s fire bullets.

But then Hippolius changed the trajectory, and they slammed into the false Demon Bear.


The parts that were hit turned into ash in an instant.
The false Demon Bear’s terrible cry began to fade.

The power of Hippolius’s fire bullets had been incredible.
Not only that, but fire had been its weakness, so it was even more effective.
And so the false Demon Bear quickly turned into ash and died completely.

“That was quite…”

I looked at Hippolius, who had rushed towards me.

It would have been very difficult to change the trajectory of magic after you had unleashed it.
Only a veteran magician would be capable of such a thing.
Apparently, Hippolius was able to use magic at that level.

“Hippolius. Well done. You really helped us.”
“We can leave the corpse for now. We have to hurry and reunite with Fio and Shiro.”

I started to run, but then I saw that Fio and Shiro were also rushing towards us.

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