Seisan Mahoushi – 77

Chapter 77 – A Mysterious Ceremony!?

“Ohh! There is something exciting about this place!”

Mette shouted as she saw the rows of targets that lined the castle walls.

This was the training grounds.
The day after saving the elf-like woman, I had set up a training ground on the north side of the village.
The area was surrounded by tall, wooden boards. Inside, there were a row of targets, and there was even a small shed to store weapons in.

I answered the overjoyed Mette.

“Now you’ll be able to train to your heart’s content.”
“Aye. We won’t have to worry about Mopes jumping out of nowhere and nearly being skewered by our arrows!”

Mette said happily.
In the first place, Mette had requested that such a training ground be built.

Now that there were more demihumans, there wasn’t as much space in the village for weapons training.
On top of that, the Mope and demihuman children were very free and independent, so there was the danger that they would be hit by the arrows.

“Indeed. As for other training…like riding… I will have to think of a place for that as well.”

Not only that, but we also had to start separating the districts. For instance, putting the kitchens and smithy close together in order to avoid any fires.

Mette nodded.

“Ah… But it really is a surprise. I asked you in the morning, and you made this in less than an hour.”
“Well, it really wasn’t a difficult job. And if you need anything else, I’ll gladly make it. We have most of the necessary furniture now, so I should be able to help you in no time.”
“I expect nothing less, my husband. You are so reliable! Here is your reward!”

Mette’s lips brushed against my cheek.

…She did this a lot lately.
While it was a little embarrassing, it wasn’t too bad when there was no one watching.

“Please don’t do that when there are people around… Especially…”
“Ah! Especially in front of the princess! I will not!”

Mette declared loudly.

Had Iria been here, they would have started fighting again.

As for Iria, she was currently taking turns with Melk and watching over the elf.

As I pulled away, Mette picked up her bow.

“And now I will practice! I just need to hit that round target with my arrows, yes?”
“Aye, that’s right. Aside from the round targets for shooting practice, I have also made humanoid targets for sword and spear training as well. So use them as you see fit.”
“Hoho. Now I will really be able to get wild!”
“No, Mette. I don’t think this place will last a day if you did that…”

The arrows did not have metal heads, and the swords and spears were wooden. The targets were also made to be quite durable.

However, they would still break if Mette and the Kijins went all out.

“The main purpose of this place is to teach people how to use weapons. And so I hope you will continue to oversee everyone’s training.”
“Leave it to me! …Hmm. What is all that noise?”

We could hear loud voices coming from outside of the training grounds.

At the same time, I heard Iria’s frantic voice.

“Please wait! Y-you must put on some clothes first!”
“Bow! Bow! My bow and arrows!”

The voice echoed after her. It was difficult to hear.

But… Bow?
What about this bow?

As I wondered over this, the gates of the training grounds swung open.


There at the gate, stood the woman with long blonde hair.

The elf we had saved in the river.
So she had awakened.

But the elf was not wearing any clothes, and had sharp eyes, as if she were a beast searching for her prey.
Then her eyes landed on it. The bow in Mette’s hands.


The elf then lept towards Mette in a flash.

“Wh-whaat!? What is she!?”

Mette stumbled back in terror.
And then, as if to take advantage of this opening, the elf snatched the bow away from her.

And then she raised it triumphantly into the air and shouted with great emotion.


Said the elf, as if she were a devout worshiper in front of her god. Both Mette and I were horrified.

A moment later, Iria and Melk arrived at the scene.

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  1. I’m guessing her long ears heard the string being drawn from across the village, and now she will be stable enough to either get some real sleep (with the bow in her arms) or to explain that the elves have been without bows for some time now.

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