Seisan Mahoushi – 206

Chapter 206 – It Was A Threat!?

The morning after the visit from the Demon King’s special envoy.

Asuha returned to the village after scouting the southern regions.

“Ausha. I told you to return at night.”

A Tengu had returned to make a report, and I told them to withdraw at night, and yet Asuha and the scouts had not come back.

“I’m sorry. But without me…”

Currently, Asuha was the only Tengu who could use Hide.
Because of this, she felt that she was the only one who could spy on the Demon King army.

Melk asked,

“The Demon King army?”
“As expected, they are not moving towards us. Even the goblins who escaped. They reunited with a few hundred others, and continued to run to the south. And while they were moving towards an army of over ten thousand, they were positioned so they were facing the west, towards the human cities.”

We had already heard this report through a Tengu that Asuha had sent.

However, it seemed that the Demon King army had not taken the human city yet.

Through the orcs, they would have an idea of Fendel’s power. And so they would likely feel that they needed ten thousand at least if they were going to attack.

Iria muttered.

“Though, I do not think they will withdraw without doing anything…”
“Aye. We should not let our guard down. The goblins are one thing, but there is also that black armor.”

It had used Hide and flew away in an instant.
I assumed that it was some kind of powerful monster, like a demon.

“Perhaps they will hide some of their soldiers, and move closer to us.”

I said, and then Ecleshia replied.

“If they are advancing on the ground, then we Ents will be able to detect them. Please leave it to us.”
“Aye, thank you.”

Just then, Mette muttered.

“Still, that black armor. It seemed sensible.”

“I don’t know about that.’ Argued Berdos.

“It was likely just here to inspect the condition of the enemy.”
“After all, it remained quiet the whole time, in spite of how much noise the goblins were making…”

Monica muttered.

As Berdos said, there was no doubt that it wanted to see how things were inside of the village.
Besides, it was possible that the black armor said what it did, because it was trying to make us lower our guard.

Ecleshia said,

“I don’t think it is aware of the waterways, but, I do not think it will be good to defend ourselves from here.”
“After all, there are the farmlands… It would be best to meet them on the roads, like how we did with the orcs.”

I nodded at Iria’s words.

“We will do that and prepare then… Though, I do hope the words of that armor can persuade the Demon King to change its mind.”

It was then that Celes spoke up.

“Baah! That armor really was a strange one. It was like looking at Ronea…”

Ronea was the demon lord that we were able to summon.
In that case, was that armor really a demon?

“In any case, it looks like we will be staying in Fendel for some time. And we don’t know what will happen at sea. So we should tell the Kappas to be on the watch.”

Everyone nodded at this.

And so from that day, we prepared for battle.

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