Seisan Mahoushi – 207

Chapter 207 – Sneaking towards us!?

Five days passed after the meeting with the Demon King’s special envoy.

And there was no news in particular about the Demon King army advancing.

Still, we continued to prepare as if we knew that they would attack.

At this point, the defenses of Fendel village and the bases of the other tribes were quite sufficient.

Furthermore, Fendel village also had some of the best fighters from each tribe staying in it. These units would help to fight back against the Demon King army.

And unlike the time when we fought the orcs, we had elves, minotaurs, Kappa, tigerfolk, Nowa tribe, foxfolk and turtles on our side.

The elves with their bow arts, the minotaurs and their combat ability, and the Nowa tribe’s magic, were especially powerful. And so they would be a great help during the battle.

As for the foxfolk, they used their concealment magic to scout the surrounding areas of Fendel.

The Kappa and turtlefolk also helped to monitor the seas.

And while the tigerfolk were few in number, they used their great speed to act as messengers.

Upon seeing the demihumans like this, Mette muttered with great emotion.

“…Really, we have gathered so many friends together.”
“Aye. They have all come. Our fighting force is so much stronger than before…”

I nodded deeply.

You could not conquer Fendel with an average army.

Everyone was enthusiastic. Come, if you will, they seemed to say. No one was afraid of the Demon King. The demihumans of Fendel were filled with confidence.

Monica muttered.

“Perhaps they heard about our village, and determined that attacking it would be difficult.”
“Or they are currently debating what to do…”

As Berdos said, it was possible that the Demon King Army had not decided on their direction yet.

“If they are going to give up, that is fine. But…”

I said, and the Ecleshia, who must have heard something from the other Ents, rushed towards us.

“Joshua. Something strange is happening in the western forest.”
“Something strange?”
“No sound or presence, but… Something heavy is pressing down on the grass. And over large areas. Such phenomena…”

Upon hearing this, Melk opened her mouth.

“Werewolves are also searching the forest. But there is no smell.”

The western forest was facing the road.
Something must have invaded from there. And while the Tengu were guarding the roads, it was possible that the enemy had used Hide.

And if they used Hide, they might be demons. And since it was over a wide area, there were likely multiple enemies there.

Ecleshia then asked me,

“It would be possible to bind their feet with plants…”
“No, they might fly away and escape then… First, we must find out what they are. Asuha.”

Asuha nodded.

“I will use wind magic and powder, just like we did in the royal capital, when searching for the foxfolk.”
“Aye. If it sticks to them, we will be able to see their forms. But, the forest, eh… Enna.”

I said, and then Enna, who had been standing close by, walked towards me while carrying her staff.

“What is it?”
“I want you to help, using your water magic. It is possible that the forest might be burned.”
“Yes! It is finally my turn to do something!”

Enna said happily.

And then Ecleshia smiled and said,

“Please do not turn the forest into a lake. Well then, I will tell the watchers in the forest to withdraw for now.”
“Aye, thank you. Have the Ents wait on the western side of the forest, and when the enemy flees, bine them with the plants.”

Next, I turned to face Rona the black cat.

“Rona. I want those in the Nowa tribe who can use magic to come as well.”
“Leave it to us, meow!”
“Thank you. Asuha, have the Tengu wait in the air. We’ll have them act as the situation demands.”

‘Yes,’ Asuha said with a nod.

And so we left Fendel and headed to the western forest.

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