Seisan Mahoushi – 2

Chapter 2 – Hunting the Slave Hunters!

Two weeks had passed since I left the castle gates of Chevalburg, and I was walking down the southern road.

The Medius continent was long and narrow, and so it was roughly split into two factions, with an isthmus in the center making a border.

One was the northern side, made up of the kingdoms of humans.
The other was the southern side, the Demon King’s territories.

The humans knew that they had to unite in order to fight against the Demon King’s army.
However, the truth was that they were constantly fighting amongst each other. Though, I had also heard that there were monsters that rebelled against the Demon King.

In any case, near the center of the continent, battles between men and monsters were waged daily.

This place that I was currently walking, was already part of the central area. It was called the Fendel Province.

There were several military cities made as a collaboration between the human kingdoms that were scattered around the central area, but once you moved away from them, there were settlements for demihumans that didn’t belong to any country.

The reason that I had headed south was because I wanted to find work in the military cities.

Many warriors would be gathered there in order to fight against the invading armies of the Demon King.
So there would surely be a place for me to work.

…Though, I didn’t feel enthusiastic about it.

I just felt tired of it all.
If I was being honest, I didn’t want to work anymore.
After all, ten years of loyal servitude had resulted in me being fired by an old friend.

However, I had very little in savings, and I would not be able to feed myself if I didn’t make money soon.

I had no fortune or friends to rely on.
Well, Wiz, the slime who helped with transportation back at the Production Bureau, seems to be following me from behind…
But that also meant another mouth to feed.

Well, I should be able to make money.

I didn’t mean to brag, but I was confident in my skill with production magic.
After all, day in and day out, I had worked without rest.

That being said, I had only been working in the knights order, so I didn’t know what the skill level for other Production Magicians was like…

Production Magic was a composite magic that combined magic of various attributes.

First, you used Dark Magic to create another dimensional space that you can alter, which is called a Magic Workshop. And then you throw all kinds of materials that you need inside. Fire, water, wind…you use magic with different attributes, and then create objects.

And so when using Production Magic, you did not need space or tools.

Thanks to this, the rucksack that was currently on my back was light, as it mostly contained food. I didn’t need to make Wiz carry anything.

No space or tools needed…
Hearing that, one might think that Production Magic was very amazing.

However, as you were using magic with many attributes, it required an immense amount of magic energy. When I first started, it was all I could do to make one sword a day.

Well, now I could make a sword in one minute. No, half a minute or less.

After all, I would have to continue to rely on Production Magic in order to live…

It was as I thought of such things and continued along the road.

A lone girl came running out of the western forest.

She had long silvery hair… And appeared to be about the same age as me. Her clothes were made of fur and were in tatters, and blood was running down her face.

Our eyes met, and then she screamed.

“Help…please help me!!”

And then four men wearing light armor appeared behind her. They wielded swords and axes.

“Stop right there, demi!!”
“This demi is a fine one! Along with the horns, we will make a killing!”
“Not before I’ve gotten a taste!”
“No, I will be first!”

The men seemed to be quite excited.
Humans called demihumans ‘demi’ to disparage them.

So these were slave hunters…

This was the reason that I had fought with Royg, and it was generally banned in all the countries.
But there were exceptions when it came to prisoners from the Demon King’s army.

My anger had been slowly subsiding over the past two weeks, but I could feel it heat up once again.

And so I grabbed the short sword at my waist, and moved between the girl and the men.

“Stop! Surely you are aware that slave hunting is illegal!?”
“Ah, and who are you!? Well, nevermind. You’ve seen too much to be left alive!”

So saying, one of the men raised his axe and charged at me.

I dodged the attack and grabbed the handle.

“You’re wide open… Absorb.”

I chanted, and the axe vanished in an instant. I had sent it to my magic workshop.

“Th-the axe!? Gah!?”

The man’s eyes widened.
But without waiting for him to recover, I slashed open his throat with my blade.

“The axe disappeared… He can use magic!? Surround him!”

The other men moved apart in order to surround me. And then they held their weapons up.

In the meantime, I disassembled the axe in the Magic Workshop, and created something new.

With Production Magic, you can turn a creation into a recipe after making it once.
And if you have the materials, you can quickly and automatically make that recipe by chanting.

“Craft…Steel Arrow.”

As soon as I chanted, three iron arrows appeared in front of me, and then shot out towards the men.

“A-arrows!? Ahhh!?”

The arrows caught the three men right in their throats.

And like that, the slave hunters fell to the ground.

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  1. It takes him half a minute to make a sword? Something tells me that normal production mages take hours or even days to make a single sword.

    Also I’m glad that this MC isn’t naive enough to just disarm the enemy and then spare them. No mercy to these illegal slavers.

    • Why do I also suspect that merging the Dark Magic for inventory is also not the norm for production mages, so what he can accomplish in a tiny room, another mage will need a place to store items. That is not to mention he can craft without a bench in his inventory while another production mage might require a room to physical morph the materials into an item. Since he was the only production mage at this group, he likely never saw how others did it, so what he thinks is normal, is probably super abnormal (as fits into most stories of this sort of bent).

  2. It always makes me wonder why production classes are looked down on; they make your weapons and armour, treat them with their due respect. Seriously!

    Thanks for the chapter!

    • Because their contribution to the war effort isn’t immediately, glaringly obvious, and the flashy warriors, mages, etc. let the praise go to their heads, believing that the production stuff is beneath them and that any joe schmoe can do it, with ease.

  3. I like that he’d kill those trying to kill him, althoughthe craft arrows and launch them is too much. He should have to shoot them with a bow instead of casting it like some earth arrow.

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