Makai Hongi – 282

Chapter 282

○ Wild Hunt – Nehyor

Nehyor heard the reports and chuckled to himself.
Tralzard’s army had stopped right at the place he expected them to.

Not only that, but the scouts were able to tell him the location of the tent that Tralzard would likely be staying in.

“Hey, Legras. Are we fully prepared?”

“Of course, we are. There will be no problems.”
“Good. Well, it’s time to attack then.”

Even if they attacked the camp, Tralzard would be worried about collateral damage, and not be able to fight at full power.
He would take advantage of that.

Dragons did not have any obvious weaknesses.
They had high magic and physical defense ability, which meant you had to chip away at both their stamina and mana to weaken them before killing them.

Yes, they were incredibly dangerous foes to go up against under normal circumstances.
Because of this, Nehyor would use a trick that he had kept up his sleeve.

He started to move with his entire army.
However, Nehyor’s gaze was often directed to the rear.

There were some strange members amongst the company.
People who were covered in black armor.

The original Wild Hunt often dressed like this.
They wore armor to hide their identities, and so their faces were also completely covered.

That was the reason that the Wild Hunt were feared as an anonymous company.
However, it was just another lie.

An illusion created for a single goal.

A rumor that spread about the Wild Hunt was that they all dressed in black.
And everyone thought it was to hide their identities.

So they could not imagine that there were, in fact, other reasons.

“The rear seems to be lagging. Perhaps it’s difficult, even through Fallen Holy Iron.”
“Well, it could not be nullified.”

Legras then said that he would hurry them on, and moved to the rear.

There was a ‘pillar of salt’ in Nehyor’s country.

They were proof of past invasions from the Celestial World.
Crystalized, hardened holy power.

And even now, the center of the pillar was unleashing holy power.
This was why residents of the Demon World stayed away.

If they tried to get close, the holy power would eat away at their body.

However, it was a different story when it came to altered holy iron.
When holy iron is altered, it has the ability to block off holy power to a certain degree.
It was called ‘Fallen Holy Iron.’

And so if you had armor that was made of Fallen Holy Iron, you could carry a mass of holy power.
Nehyor was thinking of using it when he had to fight someone stronger than him.

“When we reach Tralzard’s tent, I’m going to scatter the salt of holy power. So make sure that everyone stays far away.”

“I understand. Leave it to me.”
Legras nodded with a confident expression.

What would happen if residents of the Demon World were exposed to the salt of holy power?

Their movement would be limited.
As would their abilities.

And all of their abilities would be weakened.

It would be a disaster if he himself was exposed to it.
And yet Nehyor had brought this two edged sword with him.
It was all for this very moment.

The preparations were perfect.
He just needed to put it into action.

Nehyor and his men advanced under cover, and it was just as they were nearing Tralzard’s tent…that it happened.

○ Golan


It was here. The day had finally arrived.

I had been thinking of little else since Tralzard told me about the Wild Hunt.
How I would defeat Nehyor.

How I would slaughter the person who tricked, used, and betrayed me.

I thought hard.
‘I should start by destroying his plan.’

He was definitely up to something.
The entire reason that he had come to Tralzard’s country.

It was to acquire the ‘Demon King’s Orb of Control’ that he needed to become an Elder Vampire.
And so he would likely attack Tralzard directly.

Thinking this, I snuck into the castle. Of course, no one knew.
Tralzard’s castle, which I have visited multiple times now.

I had been locked up in a tower once, and wandered around after escaping it.
And so I had a general idea of its layout.

I knew where I should go if I wanted to hide and stay out of sight.
There I stayed, and watched Tralzard’s movements.

Because I was sure that Nehyor would be doing the same.
If he was aware of how Tralzard would act, he would use it and attack by surprise.
That was his personality.

And so I did everything in complete secrecy, and waited for Nehyor to appear.


I had guessed right. He did come.
While he was concealing himself, I had seen him do it before.

Back when General Miralda was fighting on the frontlines, Nehyor watched while keeping himself hidden.

But I knew.
While he could hide, he couldn’t hide his traces.
Especially when there were so many of them.

And once I had seen traces of their movement, I could not miss them again.
The only thing left was to wait for the moment when they think that they have won, and ambush them from the side.

As I didn’t even tell Tralzard, no one would know what I was doing.
Nehyor would not be on his guard.

And everything was going according to my prediction.

“Now, it’s time to hunt.”

Nehyor and the Wild Hunt had started to move, and just as always, I could not see them.
However, I could see the grass being crushed under their feet.

And so I jumped out from the shadow of a tree.


The Deepsea Dragon sword slashed through the air.
And just like that, one of the people in the front was cut down.

I continued. Two, three slashes with the sword.

While I couldn’t see them, they weren’t like Jikae and Manny, who could disguise their presence.
Once I was this close, I could feel where they were.

As I continued to cut them to the ground, I apparently killed one that had the ability to conceal, and the ability was deactivated.

“Now, come at me!”

I stopped in front of them and spread out my hands.
It was here that the fight would really begin.

Someone shouted. I see. They were at least quick to react.

I continued my rampage while searching for Nehyor’s presence.
Now that they were no longer concealed, I had a good view of the enemy.

Nehyor seemed to be somewhere near the middle.
“Tsk. That’s quite far from here.”

It would be difficult to cut my way through half of his men just to reach him.
Oh, well. There was an order to everything.

I fought back as the enemy rushed towards me, and waited for the right time.

Besides, the Wild Hunt had become notorious for a reason.
Nehyor wasn’t the only one that was strong.

Even the lowest of soldiers were better than most.
“Damn it. This isn’t going to be easy.”

While I had ambushed them and made the first move, they regained their balance quickly.
Their combat ability was high, and they were better trained than any army I had faced before.

Normally they would have easily pushed me back.
In fact, I was retreating as I fought.

They had the momentum now. However…

“Yes, they’re all concentrating on me.”
I smirked.

I had bought enough time.
So now I would hand over the leading role to the second team.

As I thought of such things, an explosion sounded from their direction.

A magic attack had been slammed right in the center of where they were.

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