Makai Hongi – 33

Chapter 33


I returned to the village.

And while I entered the house, there was no family to greet me.

Apparently, they were all outside working.

I pulled out a bottle of liquor I had hidden in my room and began to drink from it.

“This sure tastes good after a hard day’s work. It thrills me to my heart’s core.”

I hadn’t been able to drink during the festival. And I lost the opportunity to drink after that, thanks to the Reapers. But now, I finally had time.

Unlike humans, alcohol did not stay in our systems for very long.

It might be out before you even felt drunk, and so the others preferred their drinks very strong.

It might as well have been straight alcohol. They didn’t care about the taste.

It was so thick that it looked like it would just evaporate.

These were drinks that were exclusively for meatheads like us ogres.

Of course, I was always one to enjoy the taste first. And so I drank the normal stuff you could get.

“Golan? Are you there?”

And just like that. The noisy one had to come and disturb me.

“I’m here.”

I answered as I got up.

I went over to the front door and saw that the idiot brother was standing there.

“I just got back. What happened?”

“The Reaper…uh, what was its name? Runa? Ruli?”

“Ruma. He’s here again?”

“Yeah. He came to me because he wanted to know the result.”

But I had only just returned to the village.

The timing was too close. He must have been watching me.

“…Alright. I’ll be right there.”

I shook the bottle and heard that there was about half of it left.

It would have to wait for my return.

It was the same place and the same person. Ruma, the Reaper.

“Ah, Mister Golan. You’ve returned so quickly.”

“Yeah, I just went and came back. But I’m a little tired.”

“I see… So, how did it go?”

He sounded stiff. So, that meant he didn’t know what had happened between me and the Corps Commander.

So he hadn’t followed me all of the way or anything.

I suppose he was just watching the entrance to the village. Reapers were like wraiths. They could become translucent, which made them difficult to see.

“While there were some problems, your request was accepted.”

“Ohh, that is a great relief. As a representative of our tribe, I offer you my gratitude.”

“However, this will result in going against Lesser Demon King Fara. You understand what that means?”


“There is a great possibility…that Fara will become a Demon King. As a condition for taking you in, I was told to find a way to stop him, or think of a way to prevent this country from being swallowed up.”

“If you want us to fight, our tribe will gladly do so. However…”

“Yes. Having some Reapers will not change much. If it were that simple, the other countries would not have fallen.”

“That is true.”

“This country is currently at war with Lesser Demon King Leninoth. And it is my superior’s belief, that Leninoth will not be able to defeat Fara. And so we have to find a way out of this.”

“It sounds very difficult.”

“But it must be done. Please remember that. We will definitely need your help.”

“I understand. On our tribe’s honor, I promise to help you.”

“…Well, let’s make a contract and talk about the finer details later. Where are the others currently?”


Makai Hongi

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