Makai Hongi – 91

Chapter 91


◎ Wild Hunt – Lesser Demon King Chiril

For the past few days, an ominous air has pervaded Lesser Demon King Chiril’s country.

The start of it all was the destruction of a single frontier village.

No one knew the reason.
It was clear that they had been attacked by someone, but there wasn’t a single enemy corpse to be found.
Only the villagers had died.

Word of it reached the neighboring town, and while a team was sent to investigate, they too vanished without a trace.
And so a second team was dispatched, and the incident was reported to the castle.

The village had been in a place that was close to the border with Demon King Tralzard.
Could it be that the Demon King had attacked?

Lesser Demon King Chiril realized how serious the situation was, and he ordered for his scattered Generals to gather together.

The next day, a town that was not too far from the castle was attacked, and a survivor came to them to tell the news.
First a village, then the investigation team, and now a town.

They didn’t know who this enemy was, but they were getting closer.

“Close the gates. Have the soldiers prepare for a battle.”
Chiril was quick to make the decision.

There was no doubt that the enemy would come here. He was sure of it.

As he watched his subordinates frantically move, he considered his current fighting force.

(According to the report, a town was turned into ash in just one day. A half-hearted assault will not be enough to stop them.)

The towns that were closer to the castle had strong defenses.
There were some that were practically fortresses. Once their gates were closed, it would be very difficult to destroy them.

So while these fortresses lured in the enemy, he called in his Generals and their armies.
This was the best strategy. However, the enemy was already so close.

(They just came out of nowhere. Who are they? And will the Generals make it back in time?)

Even the closest General was still three days away.
And it would take twice as long if you were with an entire army.

It would be best to assume that it would take fifteen days for all of them to arrive.

(…They won’t make it in time if they take their men.)

“Hey, send out a second message. To all of the Generals. Tell them to come ahead…”

It was just as Chiril had said this much. There was a deafening blast coming from the castle gates.


It was so loud that the ground shook under his feet.
Chiril immediately grabbed his favorite battleaxe.

“We’re under attack! They’re coming!”

The iron gates were a meter thick. He had been very proud of them.
They were not something that could be broken with physical strength.

Still, Chiril was sure of one thing. The enemy had arrived…

“Ah, is this our first time meeting?”

He had headed for the gate…but just as he entered the courtyard, a cheerful voice entered his ears.
Chiril was very surprised. He had not expected someone to address him here.

“You. You’re a Vampire!”
“Exactly. Are you surprised?”

A Vampire boy was standing there.

“Fool. Coming in here all alone.”

Vampires could fly.
No matter how thick your gate was, they could fly over it and attack on their own.

However, what of it?

Invading an enemy castle by yourself. It was nothing short of suicide.
Even if he was incredibly strong, there was no way that he could take on all of the castle soldiers.

“Kill him!”

Before he finished giving the order, spears began to fly at a speed that the eye couldn’t follow.

A group of Minotaurs were using their special skill, ‘Spear Throw’ to the fullest as they launched the missiles one after another.

“Huh? Hey, woah…”

The Vampire was not able to dodge every single spear as they shot down…and some of them tore through his body. He collapsed on the ground, head first.
It was quite pathetic, really. And then the Minotaurs fell on him.

“What can one person do?”
Just then, there was another deafening crash by the castle gate. And Chiril’s attention moved towards it.

That’s when it happened. The Minotaurs that had swarmed around the Vampire began to crumble in rapid succession.

“What the… you could have at least given me a warning.”
The Vampire boy looked like he didn’t even feel any pain.

The warning system in Chiril’s head was now raised to its limit.
It was only then that he became calm and understood that this Vampire had enough mana to put him in the Lesser Demon King class.

“Are you the bastard who attacked Sajib village and Saltan town?”
“Hmm, never heard of those places. But I guess I did attack a village and town.”

The Vampire was standing on the corpses of the Minotaurs now. His eyes were large and round as he laughed. There was no malice in his expression.
But Chiril sensed unspeakable madness in those eyes.

“…What do you want?”
“Eh? Want? Nothing really. They were just in the way.”

He had destroyed a village and town because they were in the way. That’s what he was saying.
Chiril gritted his teeth.

“Then you shall die here.”

The special skill, ‘Wrath,’ allowed one to heighten their own power. And with ‘Roar,’ one could cause their enemy to lose heart and weaken them.

Chiril was a Gigant Minotaur, and could use the skill that combined both of those skills, ‘Wrathful Roar.’
His own power was greatly enhanced, and his enemy’s power greatly reduced.


Chiril’s roar echoed through the castle.

His skin turned to bronze, and his muscles bulged.

“See this! I…ggahh…what?”

A fountain of blood was pouring from Lesser Demon King Chiril’s neck.

“Oh? Your head didn’t fall off? Hmm. I wonder why? I thought I was strong enough to do that.”

Why can’t I do it like Golan… Chiril could hear him muttering to himself.
It was as if he had very little interest in what was happening.

It was the left side of Chiril’s neck that had been cut. Even now, blood was flowing from it.


He used his muscles to force the bleeding to stop, and then he looked at the Vampire again.
The Vampire was holding a giant sword that seemed to have materialized out of nowhere.

Even when compared to Chiril’s axe, it was not inferior.

“Oh? That’s an interesting trick.”
He was likely talking about how he had stopped the bleeding.

The enemy in front of him was stronger. Thinking this, Chiril decided to bet everything on landing a single hit.
After all, the sounds coming from the gate were getting more and more distressing.

And so he tightly gripped the axe and put all of his power into it.

—Zzzzooon! Bang.

The ground shook more violently than ever.
The gate had been destroyed. He understood that immediately.

“Oh, they finally did it. Why are they so slow?”
Apparently, the enemy could tell as well.

They would swarm into the castle now.
He had to finish this fight before they could reach him.

And so Chiril took a step forward. However, the enemy in front of him just smiled.

“Well, the time seems right. Will you die for me?”

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