The Strange Dragon and the Former Choreman – 6

Chapter 6 – Crafting Skill and Appraising Skill

The moment that Hippolius became my familiar, about half of my magic energy was taken away.
I felt dizzy, and was nearly about to fall, but managed to hold myself up.

The stronger the monster was, the more energy they took.

But while I couldn’t use attack or healing magic, I did have a lot of energy.
In terms of quantity, I had more than Sorcerer, from the Hero’s party.
A monster that would take half of it would have to be comparable to the high dragons.

This payment of energy was required every time you asked them to do something.
Not only that, but after charging them up once, they would usually be able to work for a whole week.
That was pretty efficient.

‘Kyu-kyu! Your magic energy is delicious, Theodore.’

Now that Hippolius was my familiar, it talked more smoothly.

“I’m glad to hear it.”
‘So, you want me to move the ship?’
“Yes. Do you know of the continent in that direction?”
‘I do.’
“Then that will make things easy. That’s where we are headed.”
‘Understand. I will push you then.’

Hippolius moved around towards the stern of the ship.
I moved as well in order to watch. Then Hippolius began to push the ship. It was quite fast.
Even if we still had good winds, it would not be this fast.
Victor and the other Adventurers were overjoyed.

As for monsterologist Kelly, she was leaning over the stern and observing Hippolius.

“You’re amazing, Hippolius. You’re so fast.”

Kelly said, but Hippolius did not react.
Kelly didn’t seem to mind. She continued to talk and sketch the monster.

“…Kelly. Don’t fall into the sea.”
“Yes, I know.”

Kelly answered inattentively.
As it would be very dangerous if she fell, I suggested that she tie a rope around her waist.

“Theo, do you have a minute?”
“What is it?”

Victor had called me, so I moved away from the stern.
That’s when the ship suddenly stopped.

What had happened? I went back to the stern.

“Hippolius. Did something happen?”
‘Theodore. Watch me push the ship.’
“…Very well.”

And then Hippolius began to happily push the ship again.
But it would occasionally look at me while it pushed.
It was like a small child, and rather adorable.

“Amazing, Hippolius! Wonderful!”

After that, Hippolius pushed the ship until sundown.
During that time, it was my job to continue watching Hippolius by the stern.

And so if Victor wanted to talk to me about something, he had to visit me.

This could not be helped, as Hippolius would stop pushing as soon as my eyes moved away.

Once it was night, it was time for Hippolius to eat.

‘Theodore. I’m going to go and eat. So wait for me.’
“Aye. Take as long as you want.”

And so Hippolius sunk deep into the sea.

“Very good diving ability. Does it breath through gills? No, I didn’t see any gills…”

I ignored Kelly, who was still making serious observations, and lay down near the stern.
And then Victor approached me.

“Theo. Good work. Why don’t you rest over there?”
“No, I’m fine here. Hippolius will be back soon, and it will be sad if I’m not here.”
“I see…”

Victor thought about this for a moment and then gave out some orders.
He would fix up the area here so that I could stay comfortably.

“Thank you.”
“No, no. You and Hippolius have really saved us during a predicament. And so it’s only right that we do this.”

He meant to build something like a small shed, that would protect me from the wind and rain.

“Ah, I can do that with my crafting skill then.”
“But aren’t you tired after using your taming skill recently?”
“It’s fine. I still have plenty of energy left.”

I had only used half of it in order to tame Hippolius.
And my magic recovered faster than most people. Now that it had been a few hours, I had recovered most of it.

Besides, the crafting skill didn’t use much energy as long as I made something small or simple.
And so I had enough magic right now.

“Alright, here goes.”

Victor brought me some wooden materials, which I layed out on the ground.
But before I used the crafting skill, I had to use the appraisal skill first.
I knew what kind of wood it was without using the skill.
However, I used the skill in order to know the exact qualities of it.

What location and environment did it grow in? The grain of the wood and other such details were different with every material.
And knowing all of this would make the crafting skill more effective.

Once that was finished, it was time to use the crafting skill.

First, I imagined the wind shield that I would make.
Not just the height, width and thickness, but also the texture. Everything had to be clear.
This was surprisingly difficult.

However, being able to imagine something clearly and with precision would affect the final product.
Once I had the image in my mind, I gathered energy towards my hand and held it above the wood materials.
And then I activated the crafting skill all at once.

The wood began to transform, just as I had imagined, and they slowly began to combine and change.
The crafting skill had many limitations, but it still allowed you to ignore the laws of physics.
In just three minutes, I was able to create a shelter from the wind and rain, that was high enough for me to stand in.

“I know quite a few people with that skill, but I’ve never seen any of them do something this impressive.”

Victor praised.

“Amazing. There were flashes of light, and then it was created in no time.”
“The people that I know with this skill would take hours to do the same thing.”
“So this is the power of the famous Theo…”
“It’s no wonder that he was part of the Hero’s party.”

The Adventurers muttered to each other.
As I stood there feeling a little embarrassed, Hippolius returned.

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