Makai Hongi – 238

Chapter 238

○ Lesser Demon King Melvis’s Country

“I will go and lead my troops.”

Farneze made to leave the throne room.
It was best to leave as soon as possible when you were no longer needed. Farneze had learned this survival lesson long ago.

“By the way…”
Melvis suddenly said as if remembering something.

“What is it?”
Melvis had been the one to call after her.
It was rather unusual. Farneze stopped in her tracks.

“While I was asleep, did you hear any stories about people going to the human world, or people coming from it and into ours?”
That was his question.

“No, I have never heard of anything like that.”
Farneze had lived for a long time, but she had never heard of anyone going to or arriving from the Human World.

No, not even in the last few hundred years.
In the first place, Farneze wasn’t sure if she quite believed that there was a Human World at all.

“I see. So that means that Zeus’s Barrier has not been breached…”
“Barrier? What do you mean…”

Apparently, there was a barrier surrounding the Human World. And it was created by someone called Zeus.
Of course, this was Farneze’s first time hearing any of this.

However, Melvis was so deep in thought now that he did not react to Farneze’s question.

“Yes, it is strange. Hera’s soul should not be there… However, that was definitely…”

“Your Majesty?”
Melvis seemed to be putting together a theory inside of his head. And he just muttered fragments of thoughts.

“The research failed? Is it possible? But why did they invade? If the barrier still works…”

She waited for a while, but Melvis did not return to the present. And so Farneze bowed and left the hall.

○ Lesser Demon King Melvis’s Country – Gluka Town – Golan

“So there it is.”

I was shocked by General Farneze’s words.

Nehyor was going to make a Demon King for the sole purpose of destroying him.
He had said something similar the last time that we fought.

It did make sense.
Make what you need. That was something he would do.

And it wasn’t just Hera, but now the name ‘Zeus’ had appeared.
(I had no doubt about it now.)

The God and Goddess from mythology.
If I’m not wrong, they were husband and wife.

“I couldn’t understand most of King Melvis’s mutterings. However, everything regarding Nehyor is clear. He is going to turn Kyuka in a Demon King and then kill him.”

So, one of the reasons that Kyuka had become powerful so quickly was because Nehyor was pulling strings in the shadows.
But perhaps he wasn’t the only candidate.

Nehyor had likely been manipulating things in both the west and east, and then put the most effort into the most promising king.
I knew Nehyor, and that was the way he worked.

“Zeus cast a barrier around the Human World, so no one can leave or enter… That’s what King Melvis said?”

“Golan, you seem more interested in that than Nehyor. …Well, that is what he said. I don’t know what kind of barrier it is, or when it was created.”

The General chuckled and added that she didn’t know how such a barrier could be created in the first place.
But it was no laughing matter to me.

I didn’t know if he made a barrier or closed a gate. But this Zeus had clearly done something.

But when?
These stories from mythology would be thousands of years old.

Let’s say that the Human World was closed off five thousand years ago. And if there was no contact with the Demon World and Celestial World all of that time, would that explain why they were now considered mythological creatures?

“…Ah, that’s right. It’s the difference in lifespan.”
If you lived to be five hundred or a thousand, then information about sightings would fade gradually.

Also, it was ancient times, where information was hard to keep.
There was no paper. Even if such things were recorded on stone and clay tablets, they may not have survived until modern times.

And so they had to be passed on orally, as stories that were seen as fables.

In the past, it must have been possible to travel between the worlds.
But Zeus had created a barrier, and the Human World was closed off.

Any residents of the Demon World who had been left behind would have either died in battle or of old age. And only legends of them remained.
Something like that.

“Golan, what is it?”
“Nothing. I was just thinking…it’s nothing.”

In ancient times. Places like Greece, Egypt and China.
In every country, there were stories of people fighting monsters and beasts. And in mythology, there were gods who killed demons.

Perhaps some of them were true.

It was Zeus who created the barrier around the Human World.
And Hera created the Enra institution.

While I had no way to find out what the Celestial World was planning, it was clear to me now that there was a lot that Melvis was aware of.

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