Makai Hongi – 304

Chapter 304

“Sir Golan!”

“It must be because of this building. That’s why the rest of my tribe was not able to run away to the Forest of Everlasting Autumn.”
“Ah, I see… So that’s why.”

The pillbox was made to block the road.
And you could not go around it.

“After a certain point, people stopped arriving after running away from the Coast of Everlasting Summer. I had thought that it was strange. They must have been captured!”

“Why were they captured? Was it so that they didn’t leak information about this fortress? But aren’t there very few fighters in the Forest of Everlasting Summer?”

“That’s probably why they didn’t do anything else.”

It was likely that Yamato and his men in the Field of Everlasting Spring were the ones that they actually feared.

The majority of their fighting force would be gathered towards that side, while here, they just had one fortress and patrolling soldiers.

That would make sense.
Besides, I doubted they had any great army either. And so they could come out and attack.

Their defenses were focused on just one side. Something like that.

“Sir Golan. What should we do?”
“Alright, let’s go and talk.”


“Look, I’m sure they are scared too. That’s why they locked themselves up. We just need to talk so that we can understand each other. That would be best. So let’s go.”

It was important to talk.

“Uh, Sir Golan. No, Sir Annihilator of Rebels.”
“Hey, are you trying to get on my nerves? Just call me Golan.”

“Bu-but, Sir Golan.”
“It’s fine. Just watch. I’ll show you how to resolve conflicts peacefully.”

I raised both of my hands and walked towards the pillbox.
Right now, I felt like a hero of the battlefield.

○ Coast of Everlasting Summer – Juga

Sir Golan raised his hands and walked forward.
He was going towards the fortress that he called a pillbox.

Would he be alright?
It was only a moment ago that a spear had come flying out at a great speed.

Our enemies would all be of the combat races.
And they were inside of that strong-looking building.

These were people who had already put their lives at risk in desperation, the moment that they decided to rebel against King Yamato.
This was the Other World that King Yamato built—The Garden.

Even I understood how reckless it was to fight against him in this place.
And yet, they had still done it.

They did not care to live peaceful lives in order to survive. They had chosen to walk down the path of destruction.
Could such people really be persuaded?

“Ah, he’s talking.”

So he really had gone out in order to persuade them.

Sir Golan was facing the hole in the pillbox and shouting something.
While he seemed very serious, I couldn’t hear what he was saying.

And after seeing the spear, I was too scared to move any closer.


I could not do that. Go close enough that I could converse with them.
And he had proved that it was possible. Perhaps Sir Golan was an even greater person than I thought.

“Oh, now they’re attacking.”
Sir Golan dodged it and started talking again.

The attacks stopped.
There was an answer from inside. They were probably arguing.
I suppose this was the kind of dialogue that Sir Golan was expecting.

“Ah, now he’s taken out his sword…and he attacked the fortress? No, the sword broke.”
Sir Golan’s sword had made a scratch on the outer wall. Was he testing to see how hard it was?

But it was happening too far away for me to understand what he was trying to do.

Now he threw the blade away? What is he thinking…?

“Ah, now he’s punching the wall!?”

Huh? What’s happening!?
Sir Golan continued to hit the wall with his fists.

While the sword had only made a scratch, more of the wall crumbled away every time he hit it.
Visible chunks were flying into the air.

“Ah, they’re attacking him again.”

Spears were being thrown at him. However, perhaps it was because he was too close. They didn’t seem to be hitting him with much force.
Sir Golan just brushed them away with his hand and continued to punch the wall.

“What!? A hole opened up?”

Huh? Didn’t he say that it was a fortress? Are fortress walls really that weak?
And now the hole is widening and… Sir Golan just went inside?



I just stood there and stared.
I had a feeling that he was doing something amazing.

Apparently, there was a lid on top.
You could go in and out of the pillbox from the top.

It opened up…and everyone ran.

One, two…I counted the people that escaped.
There were seven in all.

After a while, Sir Goaln’s head poked out.
He then gestured for me to come.

With hesitation, I moved towards the fortress.

“Uhh…Sir Golan. What happened?”

“I tried talking to them…but it didn’t work out.”
He said, while scratching his head with a look of embarrassment.

Didn’t work out…but he just took over the base?
Besides, he had only been talking near the beginning.

I had been watching the whole time, and he had definitely spent more time trying to break the wall.
Second longest was the time spent fighting inside.
And talking was the third.

“So, Sir Golan. What is it like inside?”
I was too scared to look.

“It’s actually quite spacious. And since there are a few of them stretched out here, I’ll question them.”

It was then that I truly felt glad that I was a non-combatant.
He was right that it was quite spacious inside.

And they were indeed stretched out…in a pretty terrible condition.

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  1. When Golan said he’d show Juga how to resolve conflicts peacefully, I was expecting something like that one SpongeBob meme with the French voice going all, “Five minutes later.” and a smash cut to there just being a crater where the pillbox was and everything would be on fire.

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