Makai Hongi – 84

Chapter 84

Even General Farneze’s investigation was unable to uncover the whereabouts of Nehyor.
Instead, they heard news from a merchant traveling across borders that Nehyor’s name had appeared on the Tablet of Control. He was now a Lesser Demon King.

Normally, there wasn’t much in the way of distribution of goods between countries.
In a way, it was similar to Japan when the country was closed off.

Occasionally, a few merchants were allowed to enter. That was all.
As the mana connection allowed people to easily tell if someone was from the outside, you could not do business with the general population.

If anything, you were likely to be attacked while traveling.
And so it was mainly Generals and Corps Commanders that bought things on the way, as they gathered information.

In any case, if Nehyor had become a Lesser Demon King, that must mean he was working for some country out there.

His goal was to evolve into an Elder.
And so he would likely start moving again. We had to be careful.

“…The problem is, can we survive?”
The fact was that Nehyor wasn’t the only problem we were facing.

We still weren’t sure if we could defeat Lesser Demon King Leninoth.
And that’s why the General called me in today.

As for the place, it was the town that used to be ruled by Nehyor.
It was currently run by Corps Commander Felicia.

And General Farneze had paid it a visit.

As for why the General had come all of the way here, it was because, had I walked all the way to her town, it would take me a full five days.

Besides, the effects of what I did during the last meeting had not died away.
I really shouldn’t have forced things to go in that direction. It was divine punishment, I suppose.

On the other hand, the secret agreement with Demon King Tralzard was accepted without complications.
The other Generals also agreed to it, and Miralda had sent word that there was no trouble.

However, it would take some time before they could send out their army.
Currently, Demon King Legard’s forces were gaining momentum, and Tralzard’s army was in the middle of replacing and reshuffling their soldiers.

And so the plan was to send those soldiers east instead of returning them home.
There they could train and recuperate.

If the Demon King’s forces headed east, the countries ruled by Lesser Demon Kings would become very alarmed.
They would have to send their own men to guard their borders, just in case something happened. However, all of these countries were in the middle of fighting their own wars.

And so it would be very difficult to send out men.

“We will have to prepare while the small southern countries are distracted.”

It would do no good if we started attracting their attention. And so it would be best to move once the tension in the south had reached its peak.
In other words, it was time to lie low.

“We have to finish forming our strategy in the meantime. Now, I would like to hear your opinion, Golan.”
Recently, Felicia would often ask for my opinion on different matters.

She had left the town early, but later heard about what happened at the meeting.

That being said, I was still an amateur.
I didn’t think it was right to talk too much about strategy.

Still, if I was asked, then I had to answer.

“We never had a very great chance of winning, but we should still try to raise that chance as much as possible as we make plans.”
“Any suggestions?”

“Lesser Demon King Leninoth has swallowed up two smaller countries now. If I’m not wrong, that means there are now three Lesser Demon Kings in his country.”

“Then we must spread out his forces as much as possible.”

We did not have enough soldiers.
If we went to war like this, we would lose.

“I understand what you are trying to say. But don’t you know that it’s not so easy? That is why we are here, still debating the matter.”

General Farneze had obviously given it much thought.
At most, this country could only send out two Generals and their armies.

It was necessary to leave one army to protect the castle where Melvis slept. This meant that it would be very difficult to go out and invade another country.
Still, it was something that had to be done.

“Thankfully, we have a secret agreement with Demon King Tralzard. We can send out two Generals. And so one army will be sent out to invade Leninoth’s country.”

“Hmm. That will just be an ordinary war of aggression then. They will, of course, fight back. It will hardly be the quick and decisive battle we need.”
The General did not look pleased.

“In other words, that army is a decoy.”
Said Corps Commander Felicia. I nodded.

“If we send out a General, they will have to send out a General as well. In other words, one of their armies will leave the castle.”

As Corps Commander Felicia said, the first army would be a decoy.

They could just move slowly and buy us time.
There was no need to be victorious.

“So the main army will be elsewhere… But the enemy still has other armies.”
“Yes. And so we will need help.”

“From Demon King Tralzard? But he already said that he wouldn’t help us with reinforcements.”
“Not him. Lesser Demon King Fara.”

General Farneze looked at me with surprise. But Corps Commander Felicia muttered and seemed to be considering it.

Lesser Demon King Fara’s lands were connected to Leninoth’s.
And while they were bitter enemies, they apparently wanted to avoid clashing at this early stage. Fara’s fingers stretched to the north, while Leninoth went to the south.

We just needed to make them clash now.

“How would we do that?”
“I’ve been thinking about it ever since Miralda told us about the Wild Hunt. What would happen if we pretended to be Leninoth’s army and created some chaos on Fara’s lands?”

“Isn’t it obvious? He will send an army to annihilate us.”

“But what if we escaped to Leninoth’s country before they could catch us?”
“I don’t know. They probably wouldn’t chase us?”

Yes, that was likely, since they wanted to avoid all out war.
“Then we should repeat the attacks until they do cross the border.”

After enough times, they would not be able to hold back.
Besides, if their armies repeatedly got close to the border, then Leninoth would have to react.

And this was Fara’s country. It would not be taken lightly.
If we wanted to settle the matter, he would have to send a General.

Like that, the Lesser Demon Kings besides Leninoth will be split north and south.
What remained would be Leninoth’s castle.

“We will try to stay hidden as much as possible as we advance to Leninoth’s castle. And then we take his head… What do you think?”

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  1. Looks like Golan doesn’t realize how valued he is. He’s a mere Commander yet both a Corps Commander and a General go to discuss really important strategies with him and General Farneze even specifically went to a nearby town so that Golan wouldn’t have to travel for a very long time. Also no other Generals or Corps Commanders are taking part in this strategy meeting.

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