Realist Demon King – 117

Tyron, the Wealthy Farmer

The hunting down of the evil merchants by the demon vice-commander, Toshizou, ended in just three days.
He cut down the villains who took root in the town with his beloved blade.
And so the streets were soon running with their blood.
And while those who would commit crimes lived in fear, most of the citizens reacted positively.

Not only had the villains been hoarding goods, but they had been lending money with exorbitant interest rates, and were also involved in slavery.

So it was no wonder that they were hated so much.
And so all the good citizens praised our actions.
Furthermore, in order to gain their trust, I made sure that all of the confiscated goods returned to the market.
This allowed the rising prices of food to be halved, however, some grains were still expensive.

“I wonder why that is. Perhaps they sold it elsewhere.”

“It has to do with the rising population.”

“I see. Then what can be done? We should at least bring prices back to the standard before leaving for the floating city.”

As the person who managed the castle kitchens, Eve was concerned about the wallets of the wives in the town.
Of course, this concerned me as well, and so I thought of a plan.
Well, I had already decided, really.

“Very good, Master.”

Eve’s eyes lit up.
Gottlieb stroked his great beard and asked me,

“Well, Demon King. Will you allow me to hear of this genius plan that you’ve come up with?”

I wouldn’t call it genius, but I told him anyway.

“Are you aware of a demon named Tyron, who lives in Decarbia’s lands?”

Gottlieb admitted that he did not know this person.

This person was busy every day, instructing successors and doing research. And he took little note of what happened around Ashtaroth castle.

It was Eve who explained all of this.
She then put a finger to her pretty lips and muttered ‘if I’m not wrong’ before continuing.

“Tyron is also a wealthy farmer who has vast farmlands near Decarbia’s castle.”

“Exactly. His wealth is equal to that of a noble.”

“I see. And so you are going to take it all away from him.”

Eve said enthusiastically. That was very demon-like of her. Even though she looked human, she had the most devilish thoughts.

It was rather ironic then, that it was always I, the Demon King, who had to admonish her. However, I doubted that this would ever change.

“I would not do something so unrefined as that. We took down those merchants because what they were doing was evil. This Tyron is merely wealthy. He and his ancestors worked hard to cultivate that land. My reputation would be hurt if I took it from him without any reason. The people will live in fear.”

“I see, Master. It’s good of you to not give in to greed, and think of the future.”

She praised me. I ignored her and continued to talk about my plan.
Well, it really wasn’t anything special.

“According to some information from Hanzo, Tyron is now facing some trouble. He has a daughter that is of age, but she is still not married.”

“I suppose she missed her boat.”

“Perhaps. She is called Flora and is twenty four. And while Tyron is very fond of his daughter, he also wants her to be married soon.”

“Then he should just arrange it.”

Gottlieb offered.

“Indeed. However, this is his beloved daughter. And so he wants to follow her wishes as much as possible.”

“What an insufferable brat. It is no wonder she is not married.”

Well, it was possible, but I was not one to judge. Regardless, it was due to this that I had an opening to approach Tyron.

“An opening?”

“Well, maybe that is the wrong word. But to put it simply, I will solve this problem for Tyron, so that he will be happy to open his storages to us. That is my plan.”

“I see. It is a good one. So you are going to help someone and feed the people. Two birds with one stone.”

“Or perhaps three birds. His daughter might enter a good match.”

“One can hope that she does.”

In modern times of the world that I had been researching, women did not have to marry in order to live well. But things were different in this world.

A marriage to a good husband was a woman’s best chance of living a happy life. And so most married before the age of thirty.

And so it was just a matter of finding a wonderful match for this daughter, and in doing so, loosening Tyron’s purse strings.

“His mansion is a few days away by carriage. As they are all my lands now, they are relatively peaceful, so it should not be a difficult journey.”

“I would have liked to accompany you on your journeys, but this is the body that I have.”

Gottlieb was as blue and semi-transparent as ever.
He had died once, and was now a ghost.

Not only that, but he had apparently become bound to Ashtaroth castle, and if he tried to leave, his body would become even thinner.

And so we could not take him with us.
That meant the only person left was Eve…

As Jeanne was already gone from the castle, Eve seemed confident that she would be chosen.

And since I was going to meet Tyron and his daughter, it was appropriate that I have a woman accompany me.
And so I would take her. The real issue was whether I would take a guard with me as well.
I considered Toshizou briefly. But he had killed many recently, and his spirits were high. He wasn’t even going to the brothels these days.
I didn’t want to take someone like that with me.
Eve was very pleased to hear it.
The likelihood of us just traveling together had increased.

It was flattering to have someone so beautiful feel that way about you, and it was very likely to happen too.

Without Toshizou or Jeanne, the only ones that were left were Hanzo and Fuma Kotaro, and both were gone.

I could take one of the demon officers as well, but as I said before, the lands were relatively safe. I doubted we would encounter any real trouble.

After coming to this conclusion, I decided to go with just Eve, as she had wanted.
Upon hearing this, she smiled so broadly that even a flower would blush.

Apparently, there was an idiom in this world that was something like ‘the smile of the goddess.’ And if there was a book about idioms, then her expression was what should be used in the description.

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