Category: The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

Realist Demon King – 43

Sharltar’s End PAGE 2 The morale of the troops seemed to rise once I stepped onto the battlefield in place of Toshizou. At the same time, the enemy seemed to stir. The human and demon commanders were pointing towards me.   “It’s the Demon King with the price on his head!” “The castle will go…

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Realist Demon King – 42

The Demon King who Kills the Undead PAGE 2 There were about one thousand of the undead. The commanders of their army had them march in a long line. Much like the shape of a snake. It was like watching children march off to school.   One could say that they did not expect a…

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Realist Demon King – 41

Three Hundred PAGE 2 We seemed to have been rewarded for our hard march. Eligos’s army was nowhere to be seen on the field.   “You are very lucky, Demon King.”   Said Saint Jeanne.   “They are mainly comprised of undead. They must be slow on their feet.”   “Was it really wise to…

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