Realist Demon King – 194

Idle Talk: Melted Chocolate

In the country of Japan, in another world, there was a tradition called Valentine’s Day.

It was a special day where women made confessions of their love.

When I spoke of this, Eve raised one of her beautiful eyebrows.

“What an advanced tradition. Such things would not be thought of in this world.”

“Well, in this world, women are supposed to follow after men silently. And parents decide who you marry. So I suppose it is advanced in comparison.”

Saint Jeanne d’Arc agreed.

“There was no such custom in France when I lived there.”

“You were in France during the middle ages. While Saint Valentine existed, the custom of sending chocolate hadn’t begun yet.”

Though, I did hear that even in the twenty-first century France, it was still not a day where women confessed their love to someone.

But after this conversation, the two said that they wanted to make some chocolate.

“Chocolate, eh? Yes, chocolate does exist in this world.”

I heard that there was a city that imported cacao from the south and made chocolate. So it shouldn’t be hard to find it if we went to the market here.

Thinking this, I decided to go to the market as part of my walk. However, I was shocked when I saw the price tag on them.

“It costs this much for so little…”

Apparently, chocolate was still rare in this world. However, I came all of the way here, and would not leave without it. And so I took out a few silver coins from my wallet and bought the chocolate.

Then I took it back to the castle and split it into half and gave it to Eve and Jeanne.

“I’m sure Jeanne will eat her share before she even gives it to you, Master.”

Eve said sarcastically, which infuriated Jeanne.

“I am not that gluttonous. I will at least leave some for the Demon King.”

She said, but there was chocolate smeared all around her mouth.

“…What!? Why? The chocolate disappeared. How very strange.”

“It didn’t disappear. You ate it.”

I said, tapping her on the head. But I had bought some extra, and so I handed it to her.

“Well, you can eat all of it if you want to.”

“But then I would not be able to confess my love. And that is something I wish to do, Demon King.”

“Then you should stop tasting it. Also, perhaps you should take some cooking lessons.”

Said Eve with annoyance. Jeanne was not pleased.

“Oh, you shall regret your words, maid. I shall make the best chocolate!”

However, all she would do was melt the chocolate and pour it into a mold.

Though, the mold that is chosen would say something about a person’s character.

Eve made a heart-shaped chocolate, and then she used white chocolate to draw on top of it. It was a picture of a maid. They say that the best cooks are good artists, and it seemed to be true for Eve. And the taste was no different. She didn’t just melt the chocolate, but sprinkled cocoa powder over it. She was a Legend Rare maid, after all.

As I was thinking about how talented Eve was, Jeanne came over.

“Hey! Demon King. I made chocolate!”

She said, carrying some substance that must have been chocolate at some point.

But just how had she transformed it so much in the melting process?

And so I asked her.

“Because I put all of my favorite things inside.”

“Your favorite things?”

“Radish, mutton and truffles.”

“You shouldn’t just put anything inside.”

“But the maid was talking about chocolate truffles.”

“I don’t think that it’s the same truffles…”

I grumbled as I ate it. However, in spite of its appearance, the chocolate did not taste bad at all.

And when I told Jeanne this, she smiled and said that there was a secret ingredient.

“Secret ingredient?”

And then Jeanne whispered it in my ear.

“…There is love inside.”

As she said this without any hesitation, she looked just a little bit cute.

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