Makai Hongi – 334

Chapter 334

“One example of success? What is that?”

Melvis asked. But the Fallen simply said, ‘I do now know the details.’
“All I know is that the Enra Institution is searching for it.”

Searching for a successful example.
What strange words. Thought Melvis.

“Dalm. Do you know?”
“No…I know nothing of that. But the Enra Institution has been researching the soul for many long years.”

“So, something related to that research had succeeded. But then it was lost. If they are searching for it, then it was either taken out…or it escaped…”

Residents of the Demon World had little interest in the Celestial World.
You could say that they knew close to nothing about what the celestials were doing.

However, the Enra Institution was the biggest organization in the Celestial World, and they alone were somewhat known among part of the population.
Of course, that was not much at all.

“Recently, it seems that the Enra Institution has been researching ways to fuse multiple souls.”
Even if you were from the Celestial World, you would not know what happened outside of your own institution.

“Fusing souls? And what else do you know?”

And while top secrets did not leak to the outside, there were always rumors that spread.
These were usually from the servants.

And so the Fallen talked about every rumor that had reached them in the past.

“It seems that the fused souls maintain the features of the original souls. And it’s possible to put the soul into a different body.”

“You must be talking about Personifications. They used them during past invasions.”

There were beings who moved in artificial bodies.
Melvis remembered that later, the celestials called them ‘Personifications.’

Even though they used the vessels to come down to the Demon World, their real bodies were still in the Celestial World.
And because their soul would automatically return to their flesh if the vessel is destroyed, they had once sent down many Personifications to the Demon World.

“According to another rumor, they were researching ways to extend their lives with the fused souls. As they used souls that hadn’t been purified, it was even possible to draw out memories from past lives.”
Said one of the Fallen. And then the other added,

“I heard that almost all of their experiments ended in failure. Upon being fused, the souls would go mad or be destroyed. It would negatively affect the body and perish.”

“I see… So that is likely what they mean by their one example of success.”
“As long as the body survived, even for a short while, they would have likely been able to draw out its past memories.”
Dalm muttered thoughtfully.

“Unpurified souls… Did they pull them out of the Under World?”
Melvis asked. The Fallen nodded.

It was the truth.
The very place that the Enra Institution was built was perfect for opening holes into the Under World.

“Also, they recently started to search for ways to send souls to the Human World.”
One of the Fallen said. Melvis’s eyes widened.

“What did you say!?”
The mana around them suddenly raged like a storm.


This overwhelming power overtook the room, and the Fallen fell to the ground in fear.

“…They are not as tough as you, King Melvis. You will not be able to talk to them unless you control your power.”

“…Just now. You said they were searching for ways to go to the Human World?”
The overwhelming sense of presence was gone. But it was still clear that it came from the person right in front of them.

And so while the Fallen wanted to reply to his question, they could not make a sound.

It took some time for them to regain their voices, and it was only after Dalm mediated for them.

Research on ways to go to the Human World.
How did they plan to get through the barrier?

“Dead souls, purified souls–there are ways for them to move between the Under World and Human World. That’s what they seem to be using.”

There was only one rule for the Under World.
A soul could not leave unless it was purified.

How would the Enra Institution get through that?
The answer from the Fallen was simple and clear.

—They use purified souls.

“If someone has two souls, they may not be purified at the same time.”
Because the rate of purification was not uniform.

The stronger the soul was during life, the longer it took to purify them.
And so with a fused soul, the speed could be different depending on the individual strength of the souls.

Melvis pondered on this and decided that it must indeed be possible.
And according to a rumor, when the soul is purified, the door to reincarnation is opened.

“I see. So that is what it is.”
If you were reborn, it could only be in the Human World, Celestial World, or Demon World. There were no other destinations.

“Th-that is all the information I have.”
“I’ve said everything that I know.”

“You did well. I’m sure that King Melvis is pleased.”
Dalm waved his hand, and the two practically rolled out of the room.

As for Melvis, he was deep in thought.

“Well, then…”
After much time had passed, Dalm began to talk.

“There is the other matter that I wrote about in the letter.”

“Something about the Demon World’s state.”
“Those that aim for the top are wreaking havoc across the lands.”

Wars were erupting all over the Demon World.
Even if an individual’s power was not enough, it was a different matter if you could raise an army.

People who thought this way were forming alliances. Treachery and fighting was spreading far and wide.
There was so much chaos that it was hard to tell who was your friend and who was your enemy.

“Things seem quiet enough from here.”
“I am in control here. But I do not know what Great Demon King Bibashini is thinking in the south. …That is fine. The real problem is you, King Melvis.”

“I am not interested.”

He had the power. And yet for some reason, Melvis was categorized as a Lesser Demon King.
These days, there were not as many who had experienced the true terror he was capable of.

“You are not interested. That is good. I hope that you continue to be uninvolved. After all, it would be a great blight on all of the lands if you did join the war.”

“I’ve already told you, I’m not interested.”

“I believe you. This country used to be a dangerous place that was surrounded by mountains.”

The lands that Great Demon King Dalm ruled were considerably more flat than most of the Demon World.
As if the terrain had been leveled by something for miles.

“Ah, the memories.”
It was here that Melvis had once fought against the residents of the Celestial World.

It had been a fierce battle. That was all he remembered.
And after defeating them all, Melvis headed towards the center of the six pillars that the Celestial World created.

It was where Yamato and Hera should have been fighting.
However, when Melvis arrived, neither were there. And a hole had opened up in time and space.

“I will leave now.”
“Yes. Farewell. Remember what I said about the war…”

And like that, Melvis returned to his own country.

…However, before Melvis reached his destination.
With ill luck, he encountered a tear in the heavens.

—A tear in the heavens. In other words, it was an invasion from the Celestial World.

As Melvis flew in the sky, the advance party appeared near him. And without warning, they attacked him in order to annihilate the obstacle he was perceived to be.

A massive bolt of light struck Melvis and exploded.

“…Hmm. ‘Acid.’”

Immediately after, the residents of the Celestial World who floated in the air began to melt as purple fumes rose in the air with a hiss.

And so the advance party of a dozen or more dissolved, which was a great shock to those who came after them.

Melvis muttered as nearly twice as many celestials descended.

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  1. Did Melvis forget that Golan is that ‘one example of success’ that the Celestials are looking for? Golan told him everything about it when Melvis went into his Orb of Control and encountered both of Golan’s souls.

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