Makai Hongi – 349

Chapter 349

I had gone to greet General Farneze after my return.
However, she said that I had been summoned by Melvis and must go at once.

I was being called again.

This was in spite of the fact that he had practically neglected me the whole time while he was fighting the residents of the Celestial World. It was odd that he didn’t assume that I had died there… As I pondered on such things, we reached the throne room.

I could sense the presence of people from the right and left. But I couldn’t see them.
(The one on the left was fast!)

I dodged it by moving to the right and unleashed a kick.
“Gah!” I heard the voice and sensed that the person had gone flying into the air.

The one on the right attacked immediately after.
As my leg was still in the air, I dove to the side.


A deep cut appeared on the floor.
They really were trying to kill me!

In that case, I would have a proportional response to their attacks.
I strengthened my body and targeted the area where I thought its head would be.


My body froze.
I understood that Melvis’s voice had been charged with mana, but my body still flinched. It was horrifying.

Said the obedient voices, and I could sense the two stepping back.

It was Jikae and Manny who had attacked me.
They were Melvis’s attendants, and of the Eternal Invisible race.
You couldn’t see them at all.

Previously, I had only been able to sense their presence faintly, but perhaps it was because I had regained the ability to read mana, I could sense them as they approached.

“He can tell.”
“He can.”

“I knew it.”

So they had attacked me just to confirm it.
They were as incomprehensible as before.

“King Melvis. It is I, Golan. I have returned.”
I bowed before Melvis.

“Hmm… Let’s not waste any time. I questioned the celestial bastards.”
That was quick. Not the questioning, but getting to the subject.

I thought there would be more smalltalk… But then again, I didn’t know what smalltalk with Melvis would even be like.
And I didn’t feel like asking him about his day.

“It was the Enra Institution that led this invasion, and many other institutions joined them.”

This ‘questioning’ that Melvis did…was likely just torture.
He probably had magic for that purpose.

Apparently, he had gained a lot of information from them.
Which made me wonder how much questioning he really did.

To put it simply, the various forces in the Celestial World had fought, and the Enra Institution came out as the victor.
And so they had the best land.

The best land was a place that was rich with holy power, where it was easier to open holes into the Demon World.
As for why that was important, it was because they could acquire magic stones while using less power.

Magic stones were the Orbs of Control inside our bodies.
Hearing about them being easier to acquire made me feel rather uncomfortable.

Now that Enra has several other institutions working under them, they launched a large-scale invasion on the Demon World.
As for the reason, it was just one step in their plan to go to the Human World.

Not being able to go to the Human World had resulted in a lack of holy power.
Perhaps this showed that Yamato’s negative campaign was effective.

And so the situation was just getting worse for them.
Unless they did something, they would eventually run out of holy power.

That being said, the institutions would not stop their research, and no one wanted to cut down on their holy power usage.
So they had to do something before they were permanently closed off from the Human World.

This is our last chance, isn’t it? Such were their thoughts as they made preparations.

It was clear that things were very tense in the Celestial World.

As for their main purpose in the Demon World, there was, of course, the gathering of magic stones, but what they really wanted was the ‘one example of success.’

Because they had discovered me in Tralzard’s lands.
Now that I thought about it, some of them had escaped back then.

The example of success is in the Demon World. Let’s go and capture it.
That was how they started their search.

“But what are they going to do after that?”
I couldn’t understand it. Did I have that much value?

“It seems that your soul understands the way to go to the Human World.”

That experiment.
They had selected a ‘unpurified soul’ from the Under World and fused it together.

The original soul belonged to the other me. And my soul was the one that was added.
Now that I think about it, I still have memories of my past life.

Which was no surprise, considering I hadn’t been purified at all.

“If you try to fuse a soul that still has a will, the original soul will reject it.”
“…I suppose so.”

It was amazing that I had survived.

“It’s impossible unless the two souls are incredibly similar. Souls that are twins.”

Was the other me and I twins? Soul twins, anyway.
But I was so rational and intelligent? Aren’t I a gentleman? Hmm. It made no sense at all.

“And since you soul is unpurified, it should remember the way to get through the Under World.”

What the hell? My soul remembers it?
Doesn’t that mean that I remember?

…No, wait.

Why was I reincarnated into the Human World?
When my body and soul were still connected.

Not only that, but your soul being completely purified was a requirement to get through the Under World.
Even though the other me was purified instead, why would that result in me being able to pass through as a ‘bonus’?

It was strange, now that I really thought about it.
Why…had I been able to get through…the Under World that time?

Suddenly, I felt as if I had been struck by lightning.

“I remember it… Yes. So that’s what it was.”
The way to get through the Under World… While I hadn’t been conscious of it, I had done it.

Exactly. Because I had remembered.
What to do and where. My soul understood.

After dying in the Human World, I fell into the Under World.
And I knew the steps.

That was why I was reincarnated into the Human World.

After all, I. Had. Memories. Of. My. Past. Life.

Normally, your soul is completely purified, and so all of that information would be wiped clean.
However, I alone remembered.

And so I understood.
I had been able to be reincarnated because the other me moved away.

“I see… So that’s why.”

I remembered everything now.

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  1. So are celestials going to capture Golan, then brainwash him to do their bidding in the human world? Then what is that he is going to do there? Any better guess?

    • It sounds like they want to extract his memories of how he was able to go through the Underworld to the Human World with his memories and ego intact so that they can replicate it so that they can also go to the Human World.

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