Cave King – 211

Chapter 211 – He Was Called A Sage!!

Haines allowed me to ride on his back as we rushed towards the place that was on fire.

“The smell of burning…”

From up ahead, the wind carried the smell of smoke very clearly.

Next to me, Rienna rode on Number 15 and spoke in a worried voice.

“With a forest so dense with trees, it will spread very quickly… I just hope that Baris is able to do something.”

I could also tell that the forest had become much louder.
A short while ago, everything had been so quiet. But now, many of the residents were rushing to the scene of the fire.

Haines looked at the forest residents and said,

“So there are this many… It’s amazing Mappa was able to find them.”

Rienna, Baris and I had not been able to detect the magic energy at all.
Perhaps it was because there was energy in the forest and ground, and they hid as if dissolving into it.

Behind us, Mappa shook his head.
I suppose he had been merely digging what he thought was a delicious turnip…

The people of the forest all looked at us in astonishment, but this was no time for that. And they were more concerned about the forest fire.

That was how important this place was to them.

In the meantime, Rienna looked up at the sky as if praying.

“If only…it would rain now… Ah.”

Just as Rienna said this, I felt a drop of water fall onto my arm.

“Is it really raining? No.”

Immediately after, it came pouring down like a waterfall.

Eventually, we saw a winged man in the sky whose hands were directed at the ground.

“It is Baris’s magic!”

I shouted. And the people of the forest began to raise their voices.

Apparently, the forest fire was being extinguished.

Rienna looked relieved as she turned to me.

“Thank goodness…”
“Yes, really… For a moment back there, I thought it was you, Princess Rienna, who made it rain.”

Said Haines. and Mappa nodded.

But Rienna shook her head.

“Hardly. It is just that Baris’s magic has improved greatly. He is always training and studying magic, though few ever take notice.”

While Baris had the Magic King crest, a goblin’s body could not use magic energy, and so the power of his crest had been wasted.

But Baris was able to evolve through the Ascending Stone. He must have been so happy to be able to use magic.

“…Still, to be able to make it rain so heavily like this…”

I said, and Rienna nodded with a look of concern.

“While the fire will be put out, there is now a risk of flooding. I think he better stop soon… Oh, it just stopped.”

When I looked up again, it was a clear blue sky that stretched out, just like before. It was hard to believe that it had been raining so heavily a moment ago.

Just then, voices rose up all around us.

“Amazing! He must be the Lord Sage!
“The king of the World Tree! He is the sage!!”

The people of the forest were praising Baris as a ‘Sage.’

“Sage, huh?”

I was reminded of my younger brother, Oren.
He had had the Sage crest.

Usually, the word was used to describe someone who lived in isolation in order to master their magic.

As the cheers erupted around him, Baris descended from the sky and returned to us.

“I believe that the fires have died down now.”
“I cannot smell it anymore. So it must be fine.”

Haines agreed as his nose twitched.

The people of the forest no longer looked frantic, so there was likely nothing to be worried about.


I then noticed that we were surrounded by the people of the forest.
That being said, it was not like it was before, where they were cautious of us. It seemed like they were mostly interested in Baris.

Eventually, a little girl with brown skin walked up to Baris’s feet.

“That was amazing, mister! How did you do that?”
“Hey, Nea! Oh, please forgive my sister!”

Immediately, a girl who appeared to be the older sister, picked up Nea and bowed her head. It was clear that she was afraid of Baris.

Baris shook his head.

“Do not worry about that. Simplicity is best when you’re a child.”

The girl and the other people of the forest shuddered.
While Baris had tried to smile as best he could, it must have appeared to be an ominous smile.

But since the first little girl was not frightened, the people of the forest continued to praise Baris.

Eventually, the first woman we met, Beruna, returned.

I could tell by her face that she had still not lowered her guard around us completely.

Nonetheless, she bowed to us.

“So it was you people who put out the fire… As a representative of Sylphion, you have my gratitude.”

Was Sylphion the name of this country or forest? In any case, it seemed like that was what they called themselves.

I answered Beruna.

“You have no need to thank us. It is enough that you understand that we are not hostile towards you. And as promised, we will take our leave.”

Beruna bowed.

However, one of the trees whispered.

“Beruna… Take him to the tree king palace.”
“Mother… But, are you certain?”

Beruna asked hesitantly, and the tree replied.

“Of course. If he is willing.”
“Very well… Lord Heal… All of you. You are soaking wet. Would you accept an invitation to our palace, so that you might dry yourselves and rest?”

Beruna asked, and then we all looked at each other.

However, I couldn’t help but notice that Rienna’s clothes looked transparent. And so I turned to look at Haines, who was shaking the water off his fur, and Mappa, who was drenched.

I nodded at Mappa and then answered Beruna.

“In that case, we will accept your hospitality. Besides, there are things I wish to talk to you about.”
“Certainly. We will guide you there now.”

And like that, we decided to head to the tree king palace.

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