Cave King – 78

Chapter 78 – I talked with a human!!


“Lord Heal. We’ve been waiting for you!”

When I arrived at the tower in the reclaimed grounds with Baris, I saw that Ashton was wearing his armor as he greeted us.

His younger brother Haines was usually with him, but he was not here. Apparently, he and some other armed monsters were headed in the direction of the ships.

Erevan was in the lead, holding his axe.

“Ashton. What’s the situation…ah.”

When I looked towards the three ships, I saw that several small boats were coming towards us.

I couldn’t see clearly without a telescope, but the three ships looked big and grand.

I believe they were called carracks… These thickset sailing ships would be considered a little old in Sanfaris.

The flags had a black dragon on a yellow field… I had never seen that before. At the very least, they were not ships from the Barleon continent.

That being said, they didn’t seem like pirate ships either.

Even the boats had the same flags, and they moved in a neat formation.

It was likely that this crew had been trained in the navy.

And so Erevan and Haines were trying to drive them away on the wharf.

Baris turned to Ashton.

“Ashton. Are they preparing to attack them, because the General determined that they are dangerous?”

“Yes. They seem to be carrying soldiers who are armed. See here.”

Ashton passed me and Baris some telescopes.

“Thank you, Ashton. Let me see…”

I looked towards the boats.

They were wearing light armor and feathered helmets that were not at all familiar to me. As for their weapons, they carried halberds and bows.

And their race…they must be human.

“Humans. A human army?”

“What is your order? They are currently in range of our ballista and trebuchets.”

Ashton was holding a small flag in his hand. All the other towers had finished preparing their weapons.

“Considering the size of their ships, they would have similar weapons on board. I don’t understand why they would send out small boats if they mean to attack. Besides…”


I saw that there was a small man in the center boat, and he was holding a white flag.

While I still couldn’t make it out clearly, he seemed to be wearing a white shirt and glasses. And he had blue hair.

And while I couldn’t understand him, he was shouting at the top of his lungs.

“I think that we can talk with them first.”

And so I immediately headed towards the wharf.

When I arrived, I found Erevan brandishing his axe and shouting.

“I won’t let you land without permission! If you have business with us, send your leader alone!!”

However, the boats showed no sign of stopping.

Upon seeing this, Erevan and Haines nodded at each other, and then they signalled to the other monsters.

The goblins, orcs and kobolds all readied their crossbows.

“Wait, Erevan.”

He turned around to look at me.

“Chief! But they’ve shown no intention of stopping.”

“It’s possible that they don’t understand us. They are also close enough to shoot their arrows. Besides…look at that man.”

The boy with glasses looked like he was just a little younger than me. He was shouting something at the two other boats.

And then, as if in answer, they stopped moving.

And so only the boat that carried the boy came towards us.

Aside from the boy, there was a captain-like man with an especially large plumed helmet on the boat. There were also several soldiers. Then there were a dozen half-naked rowers.

Of course, while they were half-naked, I did not get the impression that it was a personal preference, like Mappa. And judging by the fact that it wasn’t just humans, for there were monsters with them as well, and taking into account their scars, it was likely that they were slaves.

When the boat came by the wharf, the bearded man who appeared to be a captain, led the others as they walked towards us.

He was looking at Erevan, and not me.

Well, Erevan was currently wearing Mithril armor. And he was the tallest out of all of us. It was no surprise that people would think that he was the leader.

And so he stood in front of Erevan and began to talk in a language that I had never heard before.

Then the boy with glasses who was next to him, opened his mouth.

“Uh, um… I, first class dragon knight, Arder Arborder Darbelbenborg, have come by order of His Majesty, Dragon King Dianborg III of the eternal Vadar Dragon Kingdom!”

Vadar Dragon Kingdom… I had never heard of such a place before.

It was probably on some other continent.

And since their ships were old, perhaps they had only become seafarers recently.

On closer inspection, this captain who was called Arder, had ears that differed from humans.

They were webbed, and reminded me of a dragon.

All the soldiers had similar ears as well.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. I can’t help but seem them a bit annoyingly intrusive, imagine someone coming with weapons to your home. Though I get they would naturally be defenseless.

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