Cave King – 119

Chapter 119 – It talked to me!


“So what you’re saying is, this underground king lives in a lake that is below the city?”

I asked. And the doll, who now sat on the other side of the round table and was called Borthion, nodded.

Apparently, Borthion was a name from the old empire, and it was the name of the person who originally owned this doll.

We felt that it would be more convenient for it to have a name, and it chose that one.

Once Shiel explained to it our purpose, it realized that we were not hostile at all. And then Borthion talked to us quite politely.

Borthion nodded and continued.

“The control device uses the magma underground in order to operate. The underground king was not very fond of this.”

“Leaving that aside…you’re saying by turning it back on, this king will be angry?”

“Yes, exactly. He gave us a warning. If we do not stop absorbing the magma, he will scorch the surface. As he will now see this as us breaking our word, it would be no surprise if he becomes angry.”

“I see. Shiel, about the control device. Did you do it?”

I asked, and Shiel nodded.

I had told her about this as soon as possible.

And learned that Shiel knew nothing about this ‘underground king.’

However, now that the people had been awakened, there was no need to keep the machine running. If it was provoking this unknown king so much, it would be best to turn it off.

Thinking this, Shiel had decided to shut it off for now.

“So it’s already off… And it doesn’t seem like anything has happened yet. Borthion, what do you think?”

“I do not know… Even if you are not using any more magma, the promise was still broken. However, since nothing seems to be happening…”

“Yes, who knows what it is thinking. By the way, judging by what you’ve said so far, this king can speak?”

“Yes, it can. I do not know what it looks like. But when you are present, you will hear a voice coming from somewhere.

“In that case, we might be able to do something about this misunderstanding. Borthion. Can you take me to him?”

“You, Lord Heal? Well, it is possible, but…”

Borthion looked worried. Perhaps it was because this underground king was supposed to hate humans.

Then Rienna opened her mouth.

“Lord Heal. We don’t know what might happen down there. Let me go as a representative. And I will face this underground king.”

“No, Princess. I will go down there. Besides, as you are now, he will likely assume you are a human. That will not happen if I go.”

Baris said.

And then Shiel got up onto the round table and stretched as if pointing to herself.

“All of you… No, the cave is my responsibility. You must leave it to me. You have to take care of things up here.”

Rienna and Baris were not convinced, but this was something we had already decided as a country. And so they nodded somberly.

Besides, if we were really worried about safety, it was best that I went.

As I was the best when it came to protection with magic.

Then Borthion said,

“Will you not let me go alone first? Then I can tell him about you, and ask for an audience.”

“No, if this king is angry about the broken promise, then he might hurt you.”

Borthion was so surprised by these words, that it froze for a second.

“Wh-what did you say? …But I am a doll? My death means nothing at all.”

“No, on this island dolls and Golems are our friends. I won’t let them die.”

“Lord Heal… I understand.”

Borthion said with a bow.

And like that, it was decided that I would go to the underground lake.

Aside from Borthion, Shiel and Number 15 would accompany me. I had chosen to go in a small group, as too many people might provoke it even further.

According to Shiel, there was a storage house in the city where Teleportation Stones were kept.

And so Fule and the others had been sent there.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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