Cave King – 60

Chapter 60 – We traded items!


“Woah! I’ve never seen a crab of this size! And is that a Killer Bird!”

The sounds of chewing echoed under the World Tree.

The very large lizard…Earth Dragon, Roydon, was eating lunch with us.

He could eat a whole roasted Killer Bird in one bite, and a whole boiled crab as if it was a berry from a tree.

Baris looked at this with wide eyes as he sat next to me.

“Hmm… I have never seen someone like this before.”

“Me too. There were no Earth Dragons in the encyclopedia in the palace.”

After talking with Roydon earlier, he had revealed that he was an Earth Dragon from the continent of Elto.

The kingdom of Sanfaris was the most powerful in the continent of Barleon.

And so we had connections to every human city.

As long as we weren’t at war, foreign merchants were always present.

And so what was known throughout the continent was also known in the kingdom.

Of course, I had studied this subject thoroughly.

So you could say that Earth Dragons were completely unknown creatures.

While it was possible that someone had heard of them, there was no information in the royal capital.

Baris nodded.

“Still, I suppose that they are a type of dragon, given the name.”

“Yes. A mythological creature, just like the Leviathan…”

However, according to him, they normally lived at the tops of mountains in an unknown continent across the sea.

This Elto continent was also a name I had never heard before.

In any case, Roydon clearly lived in a very different world from humans.

Rienna and a few other monsters were now approaching us while carrying trays of roasted Killer Bird.

“There is plenty more, so please eat up!”

“Oh, thank you! I haven’t eaten anything but preserved food recently. So fresh and delicious food like this is very welcome…and this purple liquid…it is also good.”

Roydon said as he drank the wine from a barrel.

“It makes me feel light-headed…hic!”

It was hard to think of mythical creatures when looking at Roydon…

While there was no harm in giving him a lot of food, I worried about him over drinking and causing trouble.

Besides, it seemed like he didn’t know what wine even was.

And so I decided to have them stop bringing him wine so that we could talk.

“Roydon. Do you mind if you show me your goods now?”

“Oh, that’s right. Just wait one moment.”

Roydon shakily got up to his feet and swayed a little as he began to take the items out of his bag.

“Ohh, I have never seen such things before.”

Baris sounded impressed.

There was a giant pot and other home tools, swords and armor, and works of art made from glass.

However, they were all about three times larger than what humans used. In other words, they were perfect for Roydon.

Not only were they beautifully decorated, but they were generally all clear like glass or crystal.

Most of them had a red or green tint.

Ril and Mel began to hide in the pots and play.

At this point, Mappa had also appeared. And he looked particularly delighted when he saw that there was a giant glass-like hammer.

“Amazing… Everything is so different.”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. What? A dragon (or dragon-like being) that doesn’t know of wine? They are supposed to be wine-lovers (or at least love alcoholic drinks). Maybe that wine is quite different from normal, as it should be from that isolated room with a huge glass/transparent pool.

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