Cave King – 59

Chapter 59 – A trading merchant arrived!?


The sticky spray splattered wetly on the shield.




Yes, what was it?

…Huh? Who said that?


The low voice had come out of nowhere. I looked around.


Shiel, Ril, and Mel could not talk.

That being said, there was no one behind me either…


I returned my gaze towards the flower. The flower had now shrunk back to its original size, and what I saw, were giant glowing red eyes.


The red eyes were staring at me quietly.





Both the thing with the red eyes and I started to scream as if in harmony.


After our screams had echoed loudly, our mouths closed.


Well, we now recognized that the other was a living creature.


Aside from its red eyes, the thing had a brown body that reminded me of a lizard.

However, this thing was big like a whale, and had scales.


The lizard slowly opened its flower-like mouth once again.


“Wh-what the hell are you!? I’ve never seen a creature like you before!”


Never seen a human?

As for me, I had never seen this giant lizard-like creature before either.


“That’s my line… What are you doing here? Also, why was your mouth stuck?”

“Huh? Yes, that’s it! There is no place that I cannot dig! However, I couldn’t break the wall just now. But it was only rock…”


And then once again, the lizard tried to dig into the wall of the cave with its giant claws.

But no matter how sharp they were, it couldn’t dig at all.




Indeed, it seemed rather odd…


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. A red eyed brown lizard creature the size of a whale with a mouth like a flower? I’m having a hard time visualizing this to be honest.

  2. So… a molerat with scales? Maybe a molelizard? Or whalemole? Let’s just call it freak number…. idk, number 100.

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