Jack of all Trades – 292

The Approaching Danger


I ran up into the air with Legs of the God Wolf, and then looked down.


“Hmm. I can see a lot from here.”


The Adventurers were fighting the scattered goblins over the white fields of snow. While it was a snowfield, it only went up to your shins. Not that it was easy to walk in. But if it was any higher, we wouldn’t be able to walk at all. And it was under those circumstances that they annihilated the goblins. There were many dangers, which was why there were more people out here than there was in the village. Adlus didn’t want to rely only on numbers and use human wave tactics. Instead, he wanted as many smaller parties as possible.


From up above, I could see that there weren’t that many, though. Still, it was definitely ideal to have smaller groups that stuck together. I could see that they were sticking to his directions. And so I searched for Manager’s party. With the help of Eyes of the God Wolf, it did not take long to find her on the north side of the village. I made my way towards her, all the while checking to see if there were any parties that were in danger. Everything seemed to be going smoothly.


By the time I reached Manager, she had just finished crushing a group of goblins.



“Asagi. I thought you might arrive soon.”


I landed on the soft snow just as she sheathed her sword and looked at me.


“The wall around the village disappeared. That means you finished, right?”

“Yes. You seem to be doing well here.”

“They are only goblins, after all. While the terrain might be against us, we are all skilled fighters. We won’t fall behind.”


She said as she turned around. The other Jades raised their swords and laughed. They hadn’t been fighting together very long, and yet they seemed like a good team already. But then again, Manager had always been quick to befriend new people. She had a caring side, I suppose. She was also perceptive. Things I was not.


“Daniela is leading the Jades who fought within the village now, and they joined the group outside. Adlus should be moving soon as well.”

“Then we are all but done here. Are you just a messenger boy now?”

“Of course, I am. And I’ll do my best.”


I said as I patted my leg. Manager chuckled.


“Well, it’s something that only you can do. You got this.”



After that, it was just a matter of killing the few remaining ones. I moved away and started to hunt down the ones that had managed to escape the Jades. There were goblins hiding in bushes, waiting for an opportunity to ambush us. I tore them to shreds with my two swords and then searched for more. Or I would join a smaller party that seemed to be struggling and helped them kill the goblins.


When the sun started to set, the weather turned foul. The wind grew stronger, causing a blizzard from the upturned snow. Both Adventurers and goblins became sluggish. It rapidly robbed your body of heat. Then it started snowing, which meant a real blizzard. I went over to Adlus and suggested that we stop the fighting. He also realized the difficulty of carrying out the plan to completion, and so it was decided. The other parties were staying still, as they were afraid of getting lost in the snow. I went over to them and told them we were retreating to Namila Village. I went around to several groups and repeated this. However, some groups continued to fight the goblins.


By the time that everyone was in the village, the sun had already set. We were inside one of the houses and Adlus was giving out orders.


“We will have to stay here tonight. I will offer the chief our apologizes for using the houses without permission, so there is no need to hesitate.”


He said. While it was an emergency, entering people’s houses without permission didn’t feel great. But it’s not like we had a choice.


After instructions were given to the scouting team, I used Eyes of the God Wolf every now and then to watch the surrounding area. Of course, there were actual guards on rotation, but this was a blizzard. It was hard to cover all the areas. But I could see a lot with Eyes of the God Wolf. I had been using it a lot today, which was quite tiring. But there was no use in preserving that energy if we all died.


“Are you alright? Asagi?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”


Daniela brought me some soup. It had been in the hollow bag. Marcel and Silket were also in the house we were borrowing. They had already been occupying it when we came in. And since it wasn’t like there was an unlimited number of houses, we decided to share it. Speaking of sharing, we also gave them some of our food.


“Miss Daniela. You are so gallant on the field.”


“Yes. It warmed my heart to watch you.”

“I see.”


I was mostly relieved to see the three of them talking pleasantly. And well, Daniela wasn’t the type to get too jealous or insecure. It was all fine. And hell, I would never betray her like that.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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