Two Saints – 92

You just need to get bigger


During that time, Edwy and Aaron were also at the mountain which Dilon and Corete had led them to. After all, there was a small open space here that Zynis had made his base.


“Huh? Father is not here.”

“Neither are the birdfolk. I told them to gather here.”


Dilon and Corete looked around as if something was wrong.


“Ortha went to take some scales to the villa. They liked her, and so she’s being hired temporarily.”

“So, she came too.”


Edwy wasn’t surprised by Dilon’s explanation.


They acted separately in order to avoid drawing attention, and then after reuniting at the foot of the mountain, they talked about what had happened.


“Beware of the mirror lake. What a vague thing to say. That’s very Amia.”

“Are you close with the merfolk chief, Edwy?”

“No, he treats me like a child. However, as I was with the Saintesses, he did give us a vague warning.”

“The Saintesses…”


Dilon touched the back of his head with a conflicted expression.


“Father and the birdfolk seemed to be so taken in by them. Are they really that special?”


Edwy looked at Dilon with an exasperated expression.


“Good or bad? Adorable or admirable? All of that is beside the point!”

“Oh, uh…”


Dilon was overwhelmed by the force in his words. But it seemed like he was just praising them.


“I’ll say it clearly. We do not have the authority to decide if the summoned Saintesses are good or not.”


“No arguments. They were torn from their families in order to be brought here. How do you think they would feel if you said they were a disappointment?”

“Well, maybe…”


Dilon muttered vaguely, but Edwy had no intention of letting them off so easily.


“What if it was Ortha?”

“My sister? That’s ridiculous.”

“I’m sure their families felt the same. But could you imagine if Ortha was sent to a different country alone, where there was no beastkin?”


“I’ve never seen your kind before. Why aren’t you human? I wish you were quieter. You’re too normal. Stop being spoiled. What if people said those things to her?”


Dilon’s hands tightened into fists. The Saintesses’s were getting a similar amount of attention as any other girl around him, and yet he had felt that they were being spoiled.


“I’m sure you have heard about the inland incident. But Dilon, what really hurts someone, is not what the enemy thinks, but careless words from those who are close to them.”


Dilon couldn’t reply to that.


Just then, Corete raised his nose to the sky.


“The wind has changed. The wind that’s rising from the lake has the scent of Zynis, the two birdfolk, and two humans in it. Below.”

“Below? But we passed through there.”


Dillon said. And Corete answered.


“They must have come after then. I didn’t notice because of the direction of the wind. Besides…”


He said as his nose wrinkled.


“Hey, Dilon. About the miasma…”

“Aye. It’s been rapidly getting thinner since yesterday. Oh?”



Both of them looked upward.


“The miasma is gathering together?”


Edwy looked down with realization.


“Maki and Chiharu! Those two are always so…”

“What are you talking about?”


Edwy didn’t answer them. Instead, he said,


“How do we get down!”

“Down the road there. The miasma is coming from the same direction.”

“Let’s go!”


“Prepare your second form!”


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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