Makai Hongi – 28

Chapter 28


Corps Commander Nehyor wanted a fight. So, there was no avoiding it now.

And I was reminded of the way he carried himself.


(His experience was much different than that Taiga)


It had just been a matter of strength with the enemy Commander.

He was strong, but now that I thought back on it, he had probably reached that position with just the power that he was born with.


His thoughts and way of moving were that of an amateur. On the other hand, Corps Commander Nehyor was completely different.

Ever since he realized we would fight, he’d been staring at me while hiding his own strength.


(This is bad…I won’t be able to handle him.)

Even though my mana had gone up a little, I couldn’t make up for the lack of experience.


Apparently, he wanted to fight right here in this room.

His face became expressionless. He was making sure I wouldn’t be able to read his next move.


(If this was going to happen, I should have just taken out my weapon.)


I had thought that it would be rude, and so I had wrapped it up in a cloth.

He wouldn’t give me the time to unravel it.


However, this could not be helped. I couldn’t talk to him while holding a weapon.

And so I tried to ignore it as it leaned against the wall. In the meantime, I went into a boxing stance.


This was likely my best bet for this arena.


“Huh…very interesting. What are you doing?”

“Hmm. Figure it out yourself.”


I was done being polite.

Strength was all that mattered now.


Of course, I didn’t really have any chance of winning.

I knew it once I saw the Corps Commander. Even if I changed into the other me, it wouldn’t affect the results.


If anything, it might make matters worse.

Learn martial arts and improve as you reach for the heights.


I had learned all of the basics in Japan. But the same could not be said for the other me.

He could use the same moves, but he didn’t understand them.


If I were to make a comparison,  it was like if you knew how to move every shogi piece, but you didn’t know why they moved as they did.


And there was no helping that.

And in a fight like this, such meager knowledge would be fatal.


Even if we did switch, he would just be overwhelmed by the difference in mana and then it would be time up.


“Well, it seems like you’re not coming. I guess I’ll go first.”

He said as he casually approached me. It was as if reach meant nothing to him.


In the first place, no one in the Demon World really entered ‘stances.’

And Corps Commander Nehyor was no different. He was the type to just use brute force.


The Corps Commander only came up to my stomach in terms of height.

He was still far… Or that’s what he would think.


With quick footwork, I bridged the gap between us and unleashed a jab into his face.

There was a loud, satisfying smack that echoed in the room as he fell back.


I had got him right in the nose. And as his face moved up again, I followed with a second and third hit.

But just like my fight against Guden, when there was this much of a difference in mana, I hardly did any damage.


Still, I shook his brains with a hook. Once I felt that he was going to move into a counterattack, I used a backstep to retreat.


“!? Hmph. You have an odd fighting style. It’s been a while since I’ve been punched like that.”

Just as I had thought, it was doing nothing. His pretty face was just the same.


“How much do you have left in you? You won’t look too good when I’m done with you.”

This room was big. Maybe as big as a boxing ring.


And just like the others, the Corps Commander was not used to these kinds of combat maneuvers.

I moved back and slammed him with a jab, a straight, and a few hooks mixed in. It was still a one-sided fight.


Makai Hongi

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