Makai Hongi – 28


“I was looking forward to seeing what you would do. But now I’m bored.”

He suddenly shot towards me at such a speed that it made everything else up until then seem like a joke.


Which was just what I was expecting.

I unleashed a low kick at his legs.


It caught him perfectly as he was about to land, and the Corps Commander slammed onto the ground.

It was just as he looked at me in surprise, that I kicked him right in the face.


Our weight was so different.

And so his body went flying into the wall like it was a bullet.


“…What the hell. That was a surprise.”

“Was it? Well, I’m confident in my ability to surprise.”


Of course, I wasn’t nearly as confident as I sounded.

But it was the kick of an ogre, and we had especially great muscle strength.


So, I couldn’t help but feel that it should have done a little more damage to a vampire, who mainly used magic attacks.

It was my strongest kick. If it was completely ineffective, that would be tragic.


“But it didn’t work on me.”

“And so what?”


It was the same with Guden.

An Ogre vs a High Ogre. Not only that, but Guden was a Commander.

And yet, I had turned it around. I could do it again.


Corps Commander Nehyor was very confident, and so his guard was weak.

If there was one thing I could exploit, it was that.


“Alright, I think I should take out these now.”


The Corps Commander’s claws grew. So, he wasn’t going to attack with magic after all.

If he did, I would be at an immediate disadvantage. So it was a good tendency.


Still, those nails were dangerous.

Being scratched by them was no different than being hit by a sword.

And so I decided it was time to end the boxing style.


This time, I lowered my posture and held my hands in front of me like a wrestler.

The Corps Commander came straight at me. It was a simple, and yet difficult move.


I had practiced this tens, hundreds…no, thousands of times.

I grabbed the wrist of his left hand with my right hand and locked it under my left arm.

After that, I put all of my weight on that arm so that we both tumbled down to the floor. And all of that weight went straight to his elbow.




There was an audible snap as the Corps Commander’s arm broke.


I tried to follow up by strangling his neck, but he quickly slipped away. It was too bad. But I just wasn’t strong enough.


“Huh? How did you do that?”

The Corps Commander said with a look of surprise as his right arm dangled limply.


“I don’t know. But more importantly, you can only use one arm now. What are you going to do?”


“One? Oh, this? I can just…see?”

He shook his arm and apparently, the bones reconnected. What the hell…


“Yes, it’s fine.”

He smiled as if nothing had happened.

You have to be kidding me.

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  1. Be interesting if he sets up for a maneuver, and switches into other him to actually execute the technique (so that damage can be done). And then other him switches into human him to plan out and set up for the next counter/attack.

    Although that seems to be power up he might get in the moderately distant future (the next level would be achieving a conjoined/combo state with other him followed by permanent merger [if my predictions have merit])

  2. well it’s still better than one-sidedly being beaten to a pulp

    cause to me, that’s gonna be hard to read

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