Makai Hongi -133

Chapter 133

○ Farneze

Farneze had hurriedly sent out her men.
Not only that, she had led them herself in the rescue mission.

So many had left the town. It was practically emptied.
But thanks to this, they succeeded in stopping the advance of Rous’s army.

And while there were still some battlefields that were in a stalemate, they had won most of them. It seemed safe to assume that the enemy wouldn’t be too bold for a while.

“I will return to the town.”

Farneze said to her subordinates once things had settled, and then she flew back.
She had to be ready to welcome the reinforcements from the Demon King.
Matters could not be left to people who didn’t know what was happening.

The advance party arrived in the town just as she landed.

“I made it in time.”
It had been close, but Farneze sighed with relief.

She spoke with them briefly and accepted the list of soldiers that would be coming.
The rest of the army arrived the next day, and she greeted them as planned.

“…This is a…”

Several corps had arrived.
When it came to having men fight in a war, combining different kinds of soldiers was considered to be the most ideal.

If each corps was made up of a single race, and they had good teamwork, they would be able to demonstrate explosive power.
However, they would also become weak the moment their weakness was exploited.
Such corps could not be used in a large variety of situations.

She had heard a story once.
A country was going to fight a battle near a lake, and so they put together a corps of water monsters. However, they were eventually cut off from the water and forced to fight. Unsurprisingly, they died without being able to resist.

If you fill your ranks with just a single type, the enemy will target your weaknesses.
And so she could see the wisdom in having these reinforcements being composed of different corps.

“First, we have the Selm, eh?”

The Selms were often called ‘desert soldiers.’ And they liked to hunt in large groups.
These groups moved as if they were one single creature, allowing them to take down stronger enemies with ease. And so some even called them ‘giant killers.’

And while they were also strong as individuals, this was multiplied many times over when they fought together.
Yes, there would be very difficult to deal with if they were enemies.

The Selms now marched towards the town in a perfect line.
What came after them, were the Infervipers.

“Well…they too are too hot to approach.”

They looked a lot like Lamias, meaning the top of their body was human and the lower part snake.
However, their top part was constantly blowing out fire, which hid their faces.
They were sometimes called lava snakes.

Just getting too close to them would mean taking fire damage, which meant you would have to avoid close quarters combat when facing them.
Most people fought them with water magic.

That being said, it was very difficult to learn water magic that was effective enough against Infervipers.
As Infervipers were among the advanced races, they had very high magic defense.

Because of this, even though they were considered weak to water magic, you would have to be very skilled with it in order to inflict decent damage.
And so they too were difficult to fight.

As the Infervipers advanced, the air in the town began to rise in temperature.
Farneze wiped away the sweat coming down her forehead and waited for the next corps.

The ground started to shake, and she heard shouting from up ahead.
What appeared in front of her now, were Sword Giants.

They were one of the rarest of giants, and their entire bodies were covered in thick armor.
But unlike the Living Mail, they were not hollow inside. Farneze could see the eyes in the depths of the helmets.

As for the thing that was most striking about the Sword Giants, it was the blades that came out at different points on their armor.

The shoulders, elbows, knees, of course. But also their heads and spines had blades coming out.
One would wonder how they were able to sleep like that. That was how many blades protruded from their bodies.

And each one of these blades were incredibly sharp. Just touching them would deal immense damage.

“I had heard stories about them, but they really are big.”
She had been expecting them to be big, as they were Giants. But not this big.
They were at least three times as tall as Farneze.

But they were also very wide and thick. She couldn’t imagine how much damage they would deal if they rammed into someone.
And she had no intention of experiencing it for herself.

“So this is our trump card for defeating Leninoth.”

Each one of them was worth a thousand men.
They would have to be used to destroy Leninoth, and then Fara.

The march ended at Farneze’s mansion.

“All of you. Welcome to my town.”
Her garden was considered to be quite large. But it now felt very small.

“And while I wish that I could allow you to rest, you must now head to the royal castle. It is there that we shall reveal our plans to defeat Leninoth.”

In fact, Felicia was currently putting the plan together.
This was a war that involved multiple countries. And a person who had enough knowledge and experience in order to create plans was someone she wanted to keep secret.

If Felicia’s identity was revealed, her life might be in danger.
And so it would be Farneze who announced it to the others.

“I know that you are tired, but the situation is urgent. We will be leaving tomorrow morning, so be prepared.”

Just as Farneze finished this address, a single Vampire flew towards her.

There was a rule in this town. You were not to fly above it unless there was a good reason to.
Even her messengers traveled through the streets.

And this was such an important time. But this person was flying.

“…What is it?”
Farneze felt a sense of dread.

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