Makai Hongi – 51

Chapter 51


◎The lookout hill – Saifo

We crashed into the enemy camp.

There was a tall defensive wall there. Golan used a pole to jump over it.

And so I followed him and leapt into the enemy camp.

Apparently, this was called pole vaulting. He had made us practice a lot back in the village.

He said that you needed these to get over high walls or to cross rivers with fast currents.

I had no idea how he thought of these crazy ideas. Really.


I punched a Centaur that entered my vision.

It fell as soon as I hit it. I really was strong.

He had been carrying a bow and some arrows, but they must have gone flying off somewhere.

Shaking, he tried to get back to his feet, and so I slammed my foot into his stomach. He stopped moving after that.

If it’s against Centaurs, I could now win without using a weapon.

That’s how strong I was… And yet, why wasn’t I able to beat Golan?

“I’m defeated a hundred times every year. It makes me think that something is wrong.”

No matter how many times I fight him, I can’t win.

Well, I’ve given up trying to beat him, recently.

After all, now that Golan was our Commander, he was going up against enemies that were out of my reach.

“…Alright, let’s use this thing.”

The thing, no, things that the Leprechaun blacksmith in the village had made.

I took off the weapons that were strapped to my back.

They looked like the iron bars that we ogres fought with.

They were about the same thickness. However, they got thicker as they went along.

And they were also twice as heavy as other metal rods.

I held one in each hand.

“Now, come and get me.”

Once we were through the second defensive wall, armored Centaurs attacked us.

But it hardly mattered that they were wearing armor. One swing of these would show that.

With just one hit, they spat blood and fell to the ground.


It was amusing how the Centaurs were blown into the air.

I had yet to find one that needed more than one hit. I really am that strong…

“By the way, where’s Golan?”

He had been close by up until a moment ago… It was as I thought this, that I sensed someone with incredible mana.

The enemy boss. The Gigant Centaur. Thankfully, it was still far away.

And before I knew it, Golan was facing it.

“Uh. Isn’t this quite dangerous?”

The difference in mana between them was overwhelming.

It wasn’t a matter of winning or not. It wouldn’t even be a real fight.

“I heard that he killed a Taiga. Does Golan always get into hopeless fights like this?”

But he always came out alive. That made me wonder.

In any case, it seemed like it would be entertaining. So I decided to follow.

The others around me were the same.

And so we went around the battlefield and came out to the side of the Gigant Centaur.

We were then told to throw the things at our waists.

The thing that hung there—it was a tool made of chains and weights. I think he said they were called bolas. This was also Golan’s idea. And we had practiced.

And so we targeted the Gigant Centaur and threw them with all of our might.

And once the enemy boss’s movements were stopped…it happened.

Golan’s mana rose to an impossible degree.


Makai Hongi

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